Random Knockout 2021 – 2022

Updated: 02/08/22 – 11:47

There are still two Q/F matches to be completed, but the semi-final draw is now up on our website. Tournament favourite, Rishi Vijayakumar is still in the competition and will face either past winner, Andy Rowe or newbie junior, Scott Xu. Colin Young will face either, Ramit Kanodia J15, or Daniel Coleman. Now who has the easier semi-final?


Entries closed and first round draw done!

Good luck everyone!

Random Knockout  Entries: Closing date for entries is Sun 13th March 2022

Entries (so far) – 12/03/22  –  13:36hrs


1 Rishi Vijayakumar 1570e
2 Kit McEvoy Gould 1561
3 Keith S Rose 1557
4 Ray Noble 1526
5 Andy Rowe 1518
6 Oggy Kolev 1481
7 Conor Kelly 1431
8 Graham Atkins 1360
9 Colin Young 1354
10 Subhayu Banerjee 1327
11 Daniel Coleman 1155
12 Norman Waugh 1132
13 Ramit Kanodia 1037
14 Scott Xu 1000
15 Ananthi Ramachandran

1st ROUND DEADLINE: Thurs 7th July 2022

1Ognyan Kolev (1481)D - 1(1037) Ramit Kanodia J14
2Colin Young (1354)1 - 0(1431) Conor Kelly
3Rishi Vijayakumar J101 - 0(1327) Subhayu Banerjee
4Graham Atkins (1360)0 - 1(1155) Daniel Coleman
5Ray Noble (1526)1 - 0(1561) Kit McEvoy Gould
6Scott Xu (1000)e1 - 0(UG) Ananthi Ramachandran
7Keith Rose (1557)½ - ½(1518) Andy RoweAndy won tie-break
8Norman Waugh (1132)0 - 1(UG) Sean Lewis

Q/F – Deadline Thurs 21st July 22

1R.Noble0 - 1Vijayakumar, Rishi J10
2Coleman, DanielD - 1R.Kanodia
3Rowe, AndyXu, Scott J13
4Lewis, Sean J130 -1Young, Colin

Deadline Thurs 18th Aug 22

1Young, ColinKanodia, Ramit J14
2Vijayakumar J10Rowe, Andy

RANDOM KNOCKOUT FINAL – Deadline Thurs 1st Sept 22


  1. The competition will be conducted by a random draw made by the controller.
  2. The closing date for entries will be decided by the competition controller.
  3. The round dates will be set by the competition controller and displayed in club and on the website.
  4. The time control will be 75 minutes each player.
  5. The number of rounds will be dependant on entries.
  6. In all rounds the first player drawn out will have white.
  7. Each round draw shall be displayed on the club notice board and website as soon as the draw is done. Each player shall arrange to play their opponents within the allotted time.
  8. BOTH PLAYERS must make a serious attempt to contact their opponent or risk defaulting the match. In the event of amy problems, failure to contact the organiser to intimate this could lead to a double default.
  9. Any matches not played by deadline will be defaulted unless an extension is granted by the controller.
  10. Tie-Break:
    a) If match drawn on the night, both players will play a 15 minute game, colours reversed.
    b) If still tied, then a 5 minute shoot-out will take place, colours reversed.
    c) If still unresolved, lower graded player wins the tie-break.
    d) If still unresolved, toss of a coin!
  11. The competition organiser and/or committee may make amendments deemed appropriate to ensure the smooth running of the tournament.