Updated: 19/0718 (Finished)

112/10/2017Ray Noble01Andy Rowe
212/10/2017Colin Young10Graham Atkins
312/10/2017Andy Rowe10Graham Atkins
412/10/2017Arthur Grant10Colin Young
512/10/2017Colin Young01Ray Noble
612/10/2017Arthur Grant10Andy Rowe
719/10/2017Robert Jackson10Jim Anderson
819/10/2017Ray Noble10Keith Rose
919/10/2017Subhayu Banerjee10Agnijo Banerjee
1019/10/2017Jim Anderson01Keith Rose
1119/10/2017Subhayu Banerjee10Robert Jackson
1219/10/2017Agnijo Banerjee10Ray Noble
1319/10/2017Ray Noble01Robert Jackson
1419/10/2017Agnijo Banerjee01Jim Anderson
1519/10/2017Keith Rose01Subhayu Banerjee
1619/10/2017Scot McKenzie01Colin Young
1719/10/2017Cameron Wilson10Marten Kats
1819/10/2017Laurie Basten01Dean Miller
1919/10/2017Colin Young10Marten Kats
2019/10/2017Laurie Basten10Scot McKenzie
2119/10/2017Dean Miller10Cameron Wilson
2219/10/2017Cameron Wilson10Scot McKenzie
2319/10/2017Dean Miller01Colin Young
2419/10/2017Marten Kats10Laurie Basten
2526/10/2017Agnijo Banerjee10Ray Noble
2626/10/2017Colin Young01Subhayu Banerjee
2726/10/2017Ray Noble10Colin Young
2826/10/2017Subhayu Banerjee01Agnijo Banerjee
2926/10/2017Colin Young01Agnijo Banerjee
3026/10/2017Subhayu Banerjee10Ray Noble
3126/10/2017Dean Miller01Ettore Rota
3226/10/2017Innis Ford10Josh Cargill
3326/10/2017Scot McKenzie10Baillie Armstrong
3426/10/2017Ettore Rota10Josh Cargill
3526/10/2017Scot McKenzie10Dean Miller
3626/10/2017Baillie Armstrong01Innis Ford
3726/10/2017Innis Ford10Dean Miller
3826/10/2017Baillie Armstrong01Ettore Rota
3926/10/2017Josh Cargill10Scot McKenzie
4002/11/2017Baillie Armstrong01Robert Jackson
4102/11/2017Dean Miller10Arthur Grant
4202/11/2017Robert Jackson10Arthur Grant
4302/11/2017Josh Cargill10Dean Miller
4402/11/2017Dean Miller10Baillie Armstrong
4502/11/2017Josh Cargill01Robert Jackson
4623/11/2017Ray Noble½½Andy Rowe
4723/11/2017Colin Young10Dean Miller
4823/11/2017Andy Rowe10Colin Young
4923/11/2017Dean Miller01Ray Noble
5023/11/2017Colin Young½½Ray Noble
5123/11/2017Dean Miller01Andy Rowe
5223/11/2017Laurie Basten01Cameron Wilson
5323/11/2017Baillie Armstrong10Krish Akula J10
5423/11/2017Cameron Wilson10Baillie Armstrong
5523/11/2017Krish Akula01Daniel Coleman
5623/11/2017Baillie Armstrong10Daniel Coleman
5723/11/2017Krish Akula01Cameron Wilson
5808/02/2018Ognyan Kolev10Robert Jackson
5908/02/2018Dean Miller01Innis Ford
6008/02/2018Nicolas Matthews10Arthur Grant
6108/02/2018Robert Jackson01Innis Ford
6208/02/2018Nicolas Matthews01Ognyan Kolev
6308/02/2018Arthur Grant01Dean Miller
6408/02/2018Dean Miller01Ognyan Kolev
6508/02/2018Arthur Grant01Robert Jackson
6608/02/2018Innis Ford10Nicolas Matthews
6715/02/2018Ray Noble10Paul Shafi
6815/02/2018Robert Jackson01Agnijo Banerjee
6915/02/2018Declan Shafi10Paul Shafi
7015/02/2018Agnijo Banerjee01Ray Noble
7115/02/2018Agnijo Banerjee01Declan Shafi
7215/02/2018Paul Shafi01Robert Jackson
7315/02/2018Ed Walton01Colin Young
7415/02/2018Dean Miller01Cameron Wilson
7515/02/2018Colin Young10Cameron Wilson
7615/02/2018John Lynch01Dean Miller
7715/02/2018Dean Miller01Ed Walton
7815/02/2018John Lynch01Colin Young
7919/04/2018Keith Rose01Andy Rowe
8019/04/2018Ray Noble10Graham Atkins
8119/04/2018Andy Rowe01Ray Noble
8219/04/2018Graham Atkins10Keith Rose
8319/04/2018Ray Noble01Keith Rose
8419/04/2018Graham Atkins01Andy Rowe
8519/04/2018Daniel Coleman01Gordon Thomas
8619/04/2018Norrie Carrol10Nicolas Matthews
8719/04/2018Gordon Thomas10Norrie Carrol
8819/04/2018Nicolas Matthews½½Daniel Coleman
8919/04/2018Norrie Carrol10Daniel Coleman
9019/04/2018Nicolas Matthews01Gordon Thomas
9117/05/2018Agnijo Banerjee½½Andy Rowe
9217/05/2018Arthur Grant01Subhayu Banerjee
9317/05/2018Baillie Armstrong10Scot McKenzie
9417/05/2018Andy Rowe10Subhayu Banerjee
9517/05/2018Baillie Armstrong10Agnijo Banerjee
9617/05/2018Scot McKenzie10Arthur Grant
9717/05/2018Arthur Grant01Agnijo Banerjee
9817/05/2018Scot McKenzie01Andy Rowe
9917/05/2018Subhayu Banerjee10Baillie Armstrong
10031/05/2018Colin Young10Robert Jackson
10131/05/2018Ettore Rota½½Ed Walton
10231/05/2018Robert Jackson01Ed Walton
10331/05/2018Cameron Wilson01Ettore Rota
10431/05/2018Ettore Rota10Colin Young
10531/05/2018Cameron Wilson10Robert Jackson
10631/05/2018Innes Ford10John Lynch
10731/05/2018Josh Cargill01Baillie Armstrong
10831/05/2018John Lynch10Baillie Armstrong
10931/05/2018Krish Akula10Josh Cargill
11031/05/2018Josh Cargill10Innes Ford
11131/05/2018Krish Akula10John Lynch
11228/06/2018Subhayu Banerjee01Ray Noble
11328/06/2018Scot McKenzie01Colin Young
11428/06/2018Rishabh Akula10Norrie Carrol
11528/06/2018Ray Noble10Colin Young
11628/06/2018Rishabh Akula01Subhayu Banerjee
11728/06/2018Norrie Carrol10Scot McKenzie
11828/06/2018Scot McKenzie01Subhayu Banerjee
11928/06/2018Norrie Carrol01Ray Noble
12028/06/2018Colin Young10Subhayu Banerjee
12128/06/2018Ray Noble10Scot McKenzie
12228/06/2018Subhayu Banerjee10Norrie Carrol
12328/06/2018Norrie Carrol01Colin Young
12419/07/2018Cameron Wilson01Colin Young
12519/07/2018Scot McKenzie10Norrie Carrol
12619/07/2018Colin Young10Scot McKenzie
12719/07/2018Norrie Carrol01Cameron Wilson
12819/07/2018Scot McKenzie01Cameron Wilson
12919/07/2018Norrie Carrol01Colin Young

Updated: 19/07/18
Medal winner: Colin Young; R/up; Ray Noble (both make final!)
Most points scored (including byes):

1Colin Young241518116.5Q
2Ray Noble201226215Q
3Cameron Wilson141003111
4Dean Miller18601206
5Scot McKenzie16401204

Updated: 19/07/18

MEDAL TABLE TWO:  (Finished)
Best Win Percentage score, (excluding byes):
Medal winner: Cameron Wilson (Also in final!)

1Cameron Wilson139039169%Q
2Colin Young23141815161%
3Ray Noble18102612256%
4Robert Jackson136076146%
5Baillie Armstrong114074236%
6Dean Miller1860126033%
7Scot McKenzie1640124025%

Updated: 19/07/18

Published grade & TPR; best difference (excluding byes):
Medal winner: Scot McKenzie (Also in final!)

1Scot McKenzie1640124473680278Q
2Cameron Wilson1410031111001272218
3Baillie Armstrong13607810601049-11
4Dean Miller186012611261077-43
5Colin Young24151816.513961371-51
6Ray Noble2012261515481527-52
7Robert Jackson14707816001347-247

LADDER FINAL: Thurs 2nd August 2018
Champion: Ray Noble:  R/up: Colin Young (a repeat of last years final!)

1Ray Noble5.5
2Colin Young4.5
3Cameron Wilson2
4Scot McKenzie0

It will involve every club night (a part from arranged Club competitions like 5-Minute and Allegro). You play in what you want or not as the case may be! Each night is a separate competition but the results will be combined as we move forward. See the new rules or contact me for more info. Lets give it a try and see how we get on, it looks fun. There will still be four places in the all-play-all Ladder final up for grabs so the more you play the better your chance of reaching that final! Before that we have 3 medals to be won!



1. This will be an allegro graded tournament; all matches will be put forward for grading.
2. The Chess Scotland Allegro rules will apply.
3. The” Qualifying and medal section” will run during the one season.
4. The Final “All-Play-All” section will be played by the end of June. (top 4 players)
5. No closing date.
6. All players enter on the nights by registering  before 7:45pm by writing their name and allegro grade on the sheet provided on the night.
7. Allegro grade’s are used; If no allegro grade then normal grade will be used; If ungraded competition organiser will give an estimate grade but this cannot be lower than 1100.
8. At 7:45pm the organiser will transfer the names to the relevant draw sheets.
9. TIME-CONTROL: – 15 Minutes each player (G/30)
10. ALL-PLAY-ALL FINAL SECTION: After the closing date for all matches to be played,  four players qualify for the final, which will be a all-play-all event, with the Champion & R/up places being decided. 
11 Three Medal Winners would be for:
A) Player scoring the most points (byes count); B) Player with the best win percentage (byes do not count); C) Player with the best grading performance relative to their published grade (byes don’t count).
12 To be eligible for any prize a player would have to play at least five nights
13 The winners of the three Medal tables qualify for the final and the runner up in table one also qualifies. (see rule 14)
14 If a player finishes top in more than one medal position, then the player who finishes second gets the ladder final qualifying place. (The player winning more than won medal table has to take the highest table qualifying place with 1 being the highest)
15 Point Scoring system: Win=1: Draw=½: Lose=0:  Byes=1 point:
16 TIE-BREAK RULES (In order of use) (All-Play-All Final section)
a) Head to Head score if applicable. (If more than one match combined score counts)
b) Play-Off – 15 minutes each, colour by lot.
c) If still unresolved, best of three, 5-minute matches, third match colour by lot.
d) Lowest graded player wins.
e) Toss of coin.