Updated: 28/03/22

124/03/2022Ray Noble01Keith Rose
224/03/2022Conor Kelly10Colin Young
324/03/2022Keith Rose10Conor Kelly
424/03/2022Colin Young½½Ray Noble
524/03/2022Conor Kelly10Ray Noble
624/03/2022Colin Young01Keith Rose
724/03/2022Josh Dickson10Ramit Kanodia
824/03/2022Sean Lewis10Noah Dickson
924/03/2022Ramit Kanodia01Sean Lewis
1024/03/2022Noah Dickson01Josh Dickson
1124/03/2022Sean Lewis10Josh Dickson
1224/03/2022Noah Dickson01Ramit Kanodia

Updated: 28/03/22

Most points scored (including byes):

1=KEITH ROSE330006
1=SEAN LEWIS J330006
3=JOSH DICKSON J11320104
6=RAY NOBLE301201

Updated: 28/03/22

Best Win Percentage score, (excluding byes):

#PlayersPWDLByesPoints% Point wise
1=KEITH ROSE330006100%
1=SEAN LEWIS J330006100%
3=JOSH DICKSON J1132010467%
3=CONOR KELLY32010467%
5RAMIT KANODIA J1431020233%
6=RAY NOBLE3012010%
6=COLIN YOUNG3012010%
6=NOAH DICKSON J83003000%

Updated: 28/03/22

Published grade & TPR; best difference (excluding byes):

1SEAN LEWIS J330068051364559
2KEITH ROSE3300615571848291
3CONOR KELLY3201414311601170
4JOSH DICKSON J11320148801022142
5NOAH DICKSON J830030637547-90
6COLIN YOUNG3012113541236-118
7RAMIT KANODIA J14310221037732-305
8RAY NOBLE3012115261179-347

LADDER FINAL: Thurs 7th July 2022

It will involve every club night (a part from arranged Club competitions like 5-Minute and Allegro). You play in what you want or not as the case may be! Each night is a separate competition but the results will be combined as we move forward. See the new rules or contact me for more info. Lets give it a try and see how we get on, it looks fun. There will still be four places in the all-play-all Ladder final up for grabs so the more you play the better your chance of reaching that final! Before that we have 3 medals to be won!



1. This will be an allegro graded tournament; all matches will be put forward for grading.
2. The Chess Scotland Allegro rules will apply.
3. The” Qualifying and medal section” will run during the one season.
4. The Final “All-Play-All” section will be played by the end of June. (top 4 players)
5. No closing date.
6. All players enter on the nights by registering  before 7:45pm by writing their name and allegro grade on the sheet provided on the night.
7. Allegro grade’s are used; If no allegro grade then normal grade will be used; If ungraded competition organiser will give an estimate grade but this cannot be lower than 1100.
8. At 7:45pm the organiser will transfer the names to the relevant draw sheets.
9. TIME-CONTROL: – 15 Minutes each player (G/30)
10. ALL-PLAY-ALL FINAL SECTION: After the closing date for all matches to be played,  four players qualify for the final, which will be a all-play-all event, with the Champion & R/up places being decided. 
11 Three Medal Winners would be for:
A) Player scoring the most points (byes count); B) Player with the best win percentage (byes do not count); C) Player with the best grading performance relative to their published grade (byes don’t count).
12 To be eligible for any prize a player would have to play at least five nights
13 The winners of the three Medal tables qualify for the final and the runner up in table one also qualifies. (see rule 14)
14 If a player finishes top in more than one medal position, then the player who finishes second gets the ladder final qualifying place. (The player winning more than won medal table has to take the highest table qualifying place with 1 being the highest)
15 Point Scoring system: Win=1: Draw=½: Lose=0:  Byes=1 point:
16 TIE-BREAK RULES (In order of use) (All-Play-All Final section)
a) Head to Head score if applicable. (If more than one match combined score counts)
b) Play-Off – 15 minutes each, colour by lot.
c) If still unresolved, best of three, 5-minute matches, third match colour by lot.
d) Lowest graded player wins.
e) Toss of coin.