TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report Thurs 24th Sept 20 – 7:30pm Castlehill Bandicoot`s 3, Newport Knights Athletic 1   The Bandicoot`s move into 4th place with a very good win against Newport Knights Athletic. On board 4 Euan[...]
THURS NIGHT WEEKLY COMPETITION Arena 24 tournament – Thurs 24th Sept 20 Time-Control: 5 minutes + 3 seconds   This week we had 13 players taking part, some just joining near the end due to TAFCA League Online matches. It`s[...]
4NCL – Round 3 – Tues 22nd Sept 20 – 7:30pm: Report Dundee City teams (a joint venture between Castlehill CC & Dundee CC) had two teams playing tonight. Division One Sussex Social Isolators 2½, Dundee City A[...]
JUNIOR 4NCL – 17/09/20 – 6pm Round 3: Dundee City Juniors 5, Warwickshire Bears G 3 What a incredible result by our juniors against a side who out graded them by a fair bit on all boards!   On[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report  IT`s ALL GOING DOWN TO THE WIRE IN DIVISION TWO! Div 2 – Wed 16th Sept  20; 7:30pm Newport Knights Belle`s 1, Castlehill Dragons 3   Congratulations to Castlehill Dragons who are on fire at the[...]
THURS NIGHT WEEKLY COMPETITION Arena 23 tournament – Thurs 17th Sept 20 Time-Control: 5 minutes + 3 seconds   With 17 players battling it out including two new juniors, Josh (U11) & Noah (U9) Dickson (Welcome the both of you!),[...]
INTER-CLUB CHALLENGE MATCH (Updated with Kenilworth report link) 16/09/20: 21:51 hrs Tues 15th Sept 20: 7:30pm: Lichess. Castlehill CC 8½. Kenilworth CC 15½ Congratulations to Kenilworth Chess Club England on a well deserved victory in the end! Castlehill Chess[...]
ONLINE FRIENDLY CHESS MATCH - Tues 15th Sept 20, 7:30pm on Lichess Castlehill Chess Club Dundee v Kenilworth Chess Club   Yes we have a match against a chess club from England which must be another first for[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report Div 1 – Thurs 10th Sept  20; 7:30pm   Castlehill Armadillo`s 1½, Dundee Brachiosaurus` 2½   Well I think Castlehill Armadillo`s chances of winning the title have gone now after losing to a very[...]
THURS NIGNT WEEKLY COMPETITION Arena 22 tournament – Thurs 10th Sept 20 Time-Control: 5 minutes + 3 seconds Eight players took part in this event, with some players entering late on. Subhayu Banerjee is in hot form when[...]
CASTLEHILL SUMMER FUN ONLINE 2020 Congratulations to Master Rishi Vijaykumar J8 on becoming the first ever champion of the Summer Fun Online tournament 2020. What a remarkable achievement from someone so young, yet so experienced now[...]
Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge 2020 UK Chess Challenge – Terafinals 5th Sept to 6th Sept 20 Platform - Lichess.org NEWS UPDATE (11/09/20): Rishi Vijaykumar by finishing runner-up in the Tera-Finals is the highest position a  Scottish player in all age[...]
NEW CHESS SCOTLAND GRADES: 2020-21 The new Chess Scotland grades for season 2020-21 have now been updated on our website. This includes your normal and allegro grades. These grades will be used in all competitions you enter[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Weekly Match Report Week 9 – 01/09/20 – Div 1 Dundee Allosaurus` 4, Castlehill Bandicoot`s 0 This match was brought forward a week due to the 4ncl next Tuesday. The result was not unexpected,[...]
JUNIOR 4NCL – 03/09/20 – 6pm Round 2: Rhodes Avenue Knights 5, Dundee City Juniors 3 Our juniors were up against it against a team graded stronger than them. They may have lost, but it what a[...]
THURS NIGHT WEEKLY COMPETITION Arena 21 tournament – Thurs 3rd Sept 20 Time-Control: 5 minutes + 3 seconds   This weeks competition had 8 entries which is a bit disappointing, but given the amount of online chess at the moment,[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report Week 8 – Div 1 Castlehill Chess Club had two teams playing this week.   26/08/20: Newport Knights Athletic 1, Castlehill Armadillo`s 3   Nice win for Armadillo’s to keep them in the race for[...]
THURS NIGHT WEEKLY COMPETITION Arena 20 tournament – Thurs 27th Aug 20 Time-Control: 5 minutes + 3 seconds   Well, well, well Ray Flood opened the “flood” gates and took the field by storm. A rare outing for Ray these[...]
FOUR NATIONS CHESS LEAGUE – ONLINE (4ncl) – Report: 26/08/20   Castlehill Chess Club and Dundee Chess Club has joined forces again under the banner, Dundee City teams to enter the 4ncl and the junior 4ncl. The Junior[...]
FOUR NATIONS CHESS LEAGUE – ONLINE (4ncl) 25th Aug to 15th Dec The second season of the 4ncl starts tonight (Tues 25th Aug) and is made up of six divisions. Matches will take place on a Tuesday[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report  Week 7 in the TAFCA online league and Castlehill had two teams from the 2nd division playing. Div 2: Wed 19th Aug 20: Kirkcaldy B 2 - 2 Castlehill Dragons Our Dragons[...]
THURS NIGHT WEEKLY COMPETITION Arena 19 tournament – Thurs 13th Aug 20 Time-Control: 5 minutes + 3 seconds Normal service has been resumed with Declan Shafi taking the honours this week with a perfect 8 wins out of 8[...]
CASTLEHILL SUMMER FUN ONLINE Round 3 Report James Anderson and Andy Rowe drew their match, but me thinks Andy missed an opportunity to beat James who was very happy with the draw in the end! The draw[...]
FIDE ONLINE OLYMPIAD - UPDATE - 17/08/20 Division Two – Pool E – 14th to 16th August 2020 - Chess.com Scotland preformed well against all the odds, but the odds were very much stacked against them! Pool E proved[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report  Div 1 – Thurs 13th Aug 20; 7:30pm Two TAFCA matches involving Castlehill teams tonight, and what a night for both of them! Div 1: Castlehill Armadillo`s  2 – 2 Perth Raiders Another[...]
FIDE ONLINE OLYMPIAD - UPDATE Division Two – Pool E – 14th to 16th August 2020 - Chess.com  It was always going to be a hard mission for Scotland to qualify for the next stage, and so[...]
THURS NIGHT WEEKLY COMPETITION Arena 18 tournament – Bullet – Thurs 13th Aug 20   Well the tournament was not the format excepted, but boy did it show the boys from the men! Due to an oversight, this weeks[...]
FIDE Online Olympiad – Scotland – News Division Two – 14th-16th August 20 Scotland is taking part in the Fide Online Olympiad taking place on Chess.com, and has reached the division two stage of the competition which[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report  Div 2 – Thurs 6th Aug 20; 7:30pm St.Andrews Bee Movie ½, Castlehill Cobra`s 3½  Chess can be a strange game at times, or is that the players? Castlehill Cobra`s were firm[...]
CASTLEHILL SUMMER FUN ONLINE - Update Wed 5th Aug 20 After two rounds, the number one seed James Anderson (1611) leads the field of 10 by 2 points from Andy Rowe (1536) on 4 points. Marten[...]
GLORNEY JUNIOR FESTIVAL 2020 – UPDATE Thurs 30th July 20; Scotland v Wales In the Glorney team, Ben Volland J16 in his 4th match finally gets his just rewards with a very good win with white. Ben[...]
THURSDAY NIGHTS QUICK-PLAY ONLINE TOURNAMENT (Thurs 30th July 20, 8:10pm – Arena 16: 5 minutes+3 seconds) This was the 16th Arena quick-play competition and despite having two Castlehill TAFCA matches on the same night (Armadillo`s &[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report Div 1 – Thurs 30th July 20; 7:30pm St.Andrews Fun Team A 2, Castlehill Armadillo`s 2 What a match and a game of two half’s it seems! The shock result was Declan[...]
CHESS NEWS REPORT - 30th July 2020 GLORNEY INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR FESTIVAL 2020 It`s been hard going for the Scotland teams in what is a very strong line up from the other countries! Out graded on all boards[...]
GLORNEY GILBERT JUNIOR INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2020 (Mon 27th July - Fri 31st July 20)  The Glorney Junior Festival starts tonight (Mon 27th July 20) at 6:30pm when Scotland takes on the Netherlands.   The festival runs from Monday 27th[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report   Castlehill Dragons 2nd match of their campaign for league dominance was an away match against St.Andrews Bee Movie on Thurs 23rd July 20, 7:30pm. Now this was St.Andrews first match[...]
CASTLEHILL SUMMER FUN SWISS - Report   10 players entered for this first ever Castlehill Online Summer Fun tournament.  This is a four round Swiss with the time-control of 90 minutes each player. The first round (Mon[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report (16/07/20) Castlehill Chess Club`s top two teams kicked off their  TAFCA League online division one campaign on Thursday 16th July with a derby match against each other! Castlehill Armadillo`s (Avg grade 1861) & Castlehill[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE – Match Report Castlehill Chess Club kicked off it`s TAFCA League online campaign on Thursday 9th July with the division two derby between; Castlehill Dragons (Avg grade 1047) & Castlehill Cobra`s (Avg grade 1367)! Cobra`s[...]
Castlehill CC Summer Fun Online The round one draw is now up on our website and the matches take place this Monday 13th July 20, 7:30pm   All matches take place on lichess and the time-control is 90[...]
CASTLEHILL NEWS - Rishi Vijayakumar J8 - Double trouble! As a club we have a good and proud tradition of bringing through some good juniors over the years, and this season we have the emerging junior[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE 2020 The time is coming up fast as the new "TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE" starts on Tues 7th July with the division two derby; Dundee Centrosaurus` v Dundee Datousaurus` Castlehill start their campaign off on Thurs[...]
CASTLEHILL SUMMER FUN ONLINE TOURNAMENT 2020 Lets try again with this tournament and see what entries we can muster up! Would have been in touch sooner, but been very busy with setting up TAFCA League Online! Closing[...]
TAFCA TROPHY WINNERS 2019-20 TAFCA held their AGM (25/05/20) by Zoom (video conference software) and ended the 2019-20 season and declared all the champions/winners for all it`s competitions apart from the TAFCA Knockout which is still[...]
TAFCA ONLINE LEAGUE 2020 (New) Well here we go with a new chapter in TAFCA history as they start holding chess competitions “ONLINE”! Castlehill as an affiliated TAFCA Club, will be supporting this new venture and hopefully[...]
CASTLEHILL ONLINE THURS NIGHT TOURNAMENT  Thurs 21st May 2020 - lichess.org Another great nights chess with Castlehill on-line. This week we played Rapid (5 minutes+3 seconds increments), Arena format, with the tournament lasting 1 hour and 30[...]
CASTLEHILL ONLINE THURS NIGHT TOURNAMENT  Thurs 14th May 2020 For the first time on "lichess.org" we had a 15 minute, 4 round Swiss event (New to lichess and still in Beta mode!). Nine players took part which[...]
CASTLEHILL ON-LINE - Thurs 30th Apr 20 You are all invited to join Castlehill on-Line for the weekly quick-play tournament! It is an arena event with a time-control of 5 minutes+ 3 second increments. The tournament[...]
CLUB UPDATE – Sun 26th Apr 20 I hope you are all keeping well physically and mentally during these unusual times? We might not be able to play club OTB games on club nights at the moment,[...]
CLUB UPDATE - 18/04/20 (8pm) Hi Everyone Hope you are all keeping well and following all the advice out there? It has to be the longest I have not been in touch with everyone over a set[...]