CASTLEHILL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20 Well here we go again for another season with our premier club event, the Castlehill Club Championship 2019-20. Thank you all for entering this year and so far we have an amazing 46 players entered! There[...]
Another busy night down at Castlehill Chess Club! This evening saw our D and E teams kick off their TAFCA seasons, with a convicning 3-1 victory for the D team, not the captaincy debut Daniel[...]
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20 (UPDATE- 7th Oct 19) The closing date for this years club championship is Sunday 13th October 2019, so please let me know if you wish to enter! To check if you are entered, please[...]
Another busy night down at Castlehill last night, with yet MORE new chess players coming along! We saw an evening of good friendlies and learning in the coffee bar, with Cameron and Andre yet again having[...]
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20 (Premier Club Event) It`s that time of year again and I am now looking for entries for this years Club Championship 2019-20. This will be a 5 round Swiss, normal pairing rules apply this[...]
THE 16th BOBBY GOW MEMORIAL 2019   What a fantastic turnout from both chess clubs tonight at the Bobby Gow Memorial Cup held at Castlehill Chess Club Dundee last night (Thurs 19th Sept 19).   Dundee Chess Club had[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 12th Sept 19 Not a lot to report as it was our AGM night and everything went smoothly as usual! The one major change was Daniel Coleman taking over from Subhayu Banerjee[...]
The 16th Bobby Gow Memorial 2019 This annual Bobby Gow Memorial takes place on Thursday 19th September 2019, 7:30pm at Castlehill Chess Club Dundee! This is between Castlehill and Dundee Chess Clubs in memory of the late Bobby Gow who was a[...]
CASTLEHILL AGM & TROPHY PRESENTATIONS 2019.   Our AGM and trophy presentations are this Thursday 12th September 2019, 7:45pm in our club rooms in the Chaplaincy. This is the boring, but necessary part of the club which will[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: (Thurs 5th Sept 19) This was the last night of the 2018-19 chess season for Castlehill so it was more of a fun night! We still had over 20 players with 8 of[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: (Thurs 29th Aug 19) This was the last night of the 2018-19 season and we finished it off with a bang! The Ladder final & the finish of the Junior Club Championship was[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: (Thurs 22nd Aug 19) Another belter of a chess night at Castlehill Chess Club! Over 34 players down, including juniors. It was the last night of the Summer, the 2nd part of the[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 15th Aug 19) Its chess night and that can mean only one thing…Castlehill Chess Club Dundee is open as usual! 26 players made it down and what a night of chess we[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 8th Aug 19) By our standards a less busy night, but oh what a night indeed! We had 8 juniors down and Tom (J) kept them entertained all night with his mad[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 1st Aug 19) Another busy Summer night at Castlehill CC Dundee! Summer Rd 3 Result Keith Rose (1529) ½, (1383) Alan Woodcock ½ Great fighting result for Alan against an opponent graded higher then him! 4th Quick-Play[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 25th July 19) Another busy night at Castlehill with the 3rd round of the Bob Dunn Summer on. BOB DUNN SUMMER Not all matches were played tonight, but some top players got a scare,[...]
126th Scottish Chess Championships 2019: Sat 6th – 14th July 2019 Church Building Stewart’s Melville College Edinburgh. Castlehill Chess Club Dundee had three players in this years Scottish Championships. Declan Shafi (2146); Alastair Dawson & Ben Volland (1846)[...]
The Glorney Gilbert International 2019 Carrickdale Hotel and Spa, Co Louth, Ireland – 21st – 24th July 19   The event will comprise four separate tournaments, each a five-round all-play-all.   The Glorney Cup – 5 player U18 Open (ie[...]
2019 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 7 Boys   Congratulation to Rishi Vijayakumar who finished runner-up in a field of 30 entries in the UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal under 7 boys 2019 with a score[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 18th July 19) Another night at Castlehill with the place full of juniors and some adults! Not much on with only a Random Knockout tie-break match and then a semi-final match. RANDOM KNOCKOUT Results Q/F Ed[...]
 CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 11th July 19) About 16 players down tonight, 5 of them juniors! The ladder was on tonight and we also had two new players down for a game of chess, one of them[...]
LADDER FINAL It may be Summer and many chess clubs close their doors, but Castlehill is struggling to fit in all their internal competition matches! With this in mind, the Ladder final will be on our[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 4th July 19) It was Quick-Play night with the 3rd Grand Prix event out of 5 on tonight. It was our biggest turnout so far with 18 players taking part, 7 of[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 27th June 19) 33 players down, 9 of them juniors! Tonight was the Bob Dunn Summer Championship, round 2 night. Also the penultimate Junior Club Championship qualifying section was well and truly[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 20th June 19) 18 players down, 7 of them juniors! Tonight saw two Random Knockout matches, one between the two Ray`s of the chess club! But it did not go well for[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT (Thurs 13th June 19) It`s the middle of June and we still had twenty players down at the chess club! With a few juniors missing it was easier on the ears tonight, but[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT + QUICK-PLAY GP (Thurs 6th June 19) We had 24 players down for a game of chess or some coaching! Tonight saw the 2nd Quick-Play Grand Prix with 9 players entered. Alastair Dawson[...]
The BOB DUNN SUMMER TOURNAMENT The draw for round 2 is now up on our website. The first round matches sure produced some cracking results! The "Subhayu" master class! Ray`s famous "get out of jail" card! A war[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 30th May 19 Another night to remember with over 30+ down for a game of chess! Not only that we had a visit from a blast from the past, Dave Kleppang! Most[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 23rd May 19 It was Club Championship round 5, part two on and boy did we have some great matches on! As usual the juniors filled the room while the rest went[...]
TAFCA AGM/TROPHY PRESENTATIONS 2018-19 Tues 21st May 2019 - 7:30pm - Dundee Chess Club Well as AGM`s go it was not to bad! Started about 7:45pm, finished by 9pm! No need to bore you with the reports[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 16th May 19 With 36 plus players down at the chess club, 13 of them juniors, we can say it was a busy night again at Castlehill Dundee! CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP – Round 5[...]
THE BOB DUNN SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 1st round Summer night - Thurs 30th May 19 Here we go again with the last major tournament of our club season, the Bob Dunn Summer! The draw is now up[...]
REMINDER...REMINDER...REMINDER... The BOB DUNN SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 Entries are now being taken for this years Bob Dunn Summer Championships 2019. This is a 4 round Swiss, 90 minutes each player. (See Summer rules page); Win=3 pts: Draw=1 pt: Lose=0[...]
RANDOM KNOCKOUT - 1st round matches All 1st round matches have been completed at last! The defending champion, Ray Noble (1482) is still with us after just getting passed Gordon Thomas (1350) in a tight match[...]
The BOB DUNN SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 Entries are now being taken for this years Bob Dunn Summer Championships 2019. This is a 4 round Swiss, 90 minutes each player. (See Summer rules page); Win=3 pts: Draw=1 pt: Lose=0[...]
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - Round 5 (last) draw Declan Shafi is on course for another Club Championship title after seeing of Dariusz Kosznik in round 4. The player standing in his way is Andre Babin who is[...]
The 11th IAN McNAB MEMORIAL 2019: Thurs 28th April 2019 Oh what a random nights chess we had with 17 players down battling it out for the coveted Ian McNab Memorial 2019! 960 Chess or Fischer-Random was the[...]
The 11th Ian McNab Memorial 2019 Thurs 25th April, 7:30pm sign-in 5 round Swiss – 15 minutes each player 360 Chess (Fisher-Random) all rounds different starting positions! Matches “DO NOT” go for grading. It`s that time of year again and[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 18th April 19 31 players down with 13 of them juniors! Tonight saw the start of our new Quick-Play format Grand Prix (The old 5 minute format!). The time control was 3[...]
QUICK-PLAY GRAND PRIX - 5 Events Thur 18th April 19: 7:30pm sign in. The first of 5 Grand Prix quick play events. Time-Control: 3 minutes + 2 seconds each player+ 3 seconds increment each player (every time you[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 11th April 19 It was Club Championship Night round 4, part 2 tonight! Plus junior stuff as normal.   CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Results round 4 Declan Shafi (2114) 1, Dariusz Kosznik (1749) 0 The defending champion moves closer[...]
The BOB DUNN SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 Entries are now being taken for this years Bob Dunn Summer Championships 2019. This is a 4 round Swiss, 90 minutes each player. (See Summer rules page); Win=3 pts: Draw=1 pt:[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 4th April 19 It was Club Championship round 4, part one night (My that`s a mouthful!). Due to school holidays, the club was less busy and noisy but we still managed a[...]
COMPETITION INFO/DIARY DATES (April) We have a very busy April with loads going on. Not sure how we are going to fit it all in but here goes! Thurs 4th April: Club Championship Round 4 (part 1). Thurs[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 28th March 19 Sorry a bit late but there has been a lot of chess on with one thing or another and reports coming out of my ears! Short report, not much[...]
TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP (Kirkcaldy – part 5) Wednesday 27th March 2019. This was the last in a series of 5 events to crown the TAFCA Allegro Champion 2018-19. Also at stake was the 1st ever TAFCA[...]
SNCL (Scottish National Chess League) Round 7 (last one! 24/03/19 - Dunfermilne Well the last round certainly had some twists and turns and must have been given Alastair Dawson palpitations or ulcers! Congratulations to Dundee City A[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 21st March 19 Another busy night at Castlehill with two TAFCA matches, one Club Championship match, some Junior Club Championship matches, plus coaching and skittles games. TAFCA Result – Div 1 Castlehill B 3½, Kirkcaldy[...]
CLUB REPORT: Thurs 14th March 19 Another busy night as you would expect with 36 players down. We had two TAFCA Knockout Semi-finals on, plus Junior coaching and skittle games.   TAFCA KO Castlehill had two teams reach the[...]