TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE 2020 The time is coming up fast as the new "TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE" starts on Tues 7th July with the division two derby; Dundee Centrosaurus` v Dundee Datousaurus` Castlehill start their campaign off on Thurs[...]
CASTLEHILL SUMMER FUN ONLINE TOURNAMENT 2020 Lets try again with this tournament and see what entries we can muster up! Would have been in touch sooner, but been very busy with setting up TAFCA League Online! Closing[...]
TAFCA TROPHY WINNERS 2019-20 TAFCA held their AGM (25/05/20) by Zoom (video conference software) and ended the 2019-20 season and declared all the champions/winners for all it`s competitions apart from the TAFCA Knockout which is still[...]
TAFCA ONLINE LEAGUE 2020 (New) Well here we go with a new chapter in TAFCA history as they start holding chess competitions “ONLINE”! Castlehill as an affiliated TAFCA Club, will be supporting this new venture and hopefully[...]
CASTLEHILL ONLINE THURS NIGHT TOURNAMENT  Thurs 21st May 2020 - lichess.org Another great nights chess with Castlehill on-line. This week we played Rapid (5 minutes+3 seconds increments), Arena format, with the tournament lasting 1 hour and 30[...]
CASTLEHILL ONLINE THURS NIGHT TOURNAMENT  Thurs 14th May 2020 For the first time on "lichess.org" we had a 15 minute, 4 round Swiss event (New to lichess and still in Beta mode!). Nine players took part which[...]
CASTLEHILL ON-LINE - Thurs 30th Apr 20 You are all invited to join Castlehill on-Line for the weekly quick-play tournament! It is an arena event with a time-control of 5 minutes+ 3 second increments. The tournament[...]
CLUB UPDATE – Sun 26th Apr 20 I hope you are all keeping well physically and mentally during these unusual times? We might not be able to play club OTB games on club nights at the moment,[...]
CLUB UPDATE - 18/04/20 (8pm) Hi Everyone Hope you are all keeping well and following all the advice out there? It has to be the longest I have not been in touch with everyone over a set[...]
The Chaplaincy has cancelled all room bookings immediately and for the foreseeable future. There will be no club nights until the coronavirus issue declines and the Chaplaincy is ready to re-open. Our members will be[...]
TAFCA NEWS (Including who`s won what in all 3 division, plus update on Knockout!) RESULT Played Thurs 12th March 20 Div 1 – St.Andrews Uni A 3, Castlehill A 1 Report on match by Andy Rowe Michael Dugdale (1536)e v Christopher[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 12th March 2020 Busy night but nothing new there! We had two TAFCA matches at home and one away to St.Andrews Uni! There was also a Random Knockout 1st round match and[...]
TAFCA POSSIBLE SCENARIO`s The TAFCA league division one just got more interesting after Newport Knights A beat Kirkcaldy A last night (Wed 11th Mar)! This was not the result Castlehill C wanted, but to be honest,[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 5th March 2020 We had one TAFCA div 2 match on, plus 3 Random Knockout matches and of course the Ladder and Junior Club Championship matches! I guess another busy night at[...]
Scottish National Chess League, March 1st 2020, Rounds 5 and 6: Dundee City teams is a joint venture between Castlehill Chess Club Dundee and Dundee Chess Club. This has been a very successful union of the big[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 27th Feb 20 Tonight we had one TAFCA match on at home, and one team away from home. We also had the Junior Club Championships, and of course the ladder! TAFCA Div 1: Castlehill[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 20th Feb 20 Another busy night at Castlehill with two TAFCA matches on, two Random Knockout games and of course the Ladder! There was also one of our TAFCA teams away to[...]
The TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE A reminder that the penultimate TAFCA Allegro Championship is at Newport Knights Chess Club on Wed 26th Feb 20, 7:30pm sign-in. I am looking forward to a very good "CASTLEHILL" presence on[...]
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - Round 3  The third round draw of the Club Championship is now up on our website. Please contact opponents ASAP to make the necessary arrangements. CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHTS Round 3 (Part 1): Thurs 2nd April[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 13th Feb 20 It was another busy night at Castlehill with two TAFCA matches on, some Club Championship and Random Knockout matches, plus the ladder! We also had the pleasure of junior’s[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 6th Feb 20 Busy night as usual and some great matches on! TAFCA Result – Div 1 Castlehill B 2, Perth A 2 What a fantastic result by Castlehill B against Perth A! This[...]
Scottish National Chess League, February 2nd, 2020 Rounds 3 & 4, Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline.  Report by Alastair Dawson   Dundee City (a joint venture between Castlehill CC and Dundee CC) had 20 players on hand to compete[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 30th Jan 20 Another busy night at Castlehill Chess Club Dundee. We had one TAFCA league match on, four Club competition matches and two Ladders sections as well, plus a few skittle[...]
The 3rd  TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP PERTH 2020 Entries 27 (19 last year!) What a fantastic night at Perth Chess Club for the third installment of the TAFCA Allegro Championships 2019-20 series! Perth Chess Club proved they have what[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 23rd Jan 20 We had over 35 players down to play chess tonight and the place was buzzing! We had one TAFCA League match, one TAFCA Knockout match, Junior Club Championship matches,[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 16th Jan 20 Another good nights chess at Castlehill with Junior Club Championship matches on and a TAFCA match involving our “A” & “B” team in division one! The div 3 match[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 9th Jan 20 Our first club night of 2020 went very, very well indeed with 32 plus down for a game of chess, 10 of them juniors! Not bad for a cold[...]
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 To all our past, present & Future members of Castlehill Chess Club Dundee! May you play more chess & win more games![...]
Merry Christmas to all our past, present and future members of Castlehill Chess Club Dundee! Also special seasons greetings to our city chess neighbours Dundee Chess Club Seasons greetings to all of our TAFCA Chess buddies Kirkcaldy, Perth, Newport Knights and St.Andrews University Chess Club. Merry[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 19th Dec 19 On the last night of 2019 as you would expect was not so busy, and for some reason we were short of a few club championship round 2 matches![...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 12th Dec 19 As you would expect it was a less busy night as we get nearer Christmas, but as it turns out an important one none the less! CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Result Round 2 Andre[...]
RANDOM KNOCKOUT 2019-20 We have 26 players in this years Castlehill Random Knockout competition including the defending champion, Robert Jackson. This means we have 10 prelims to play first and then we are into the last 16! Prelims[...]
TAFCA LEAGUE & KNOCKOUT UPDATE: Fri 6th Dec 19  Below is a report on the last weeks matches, and past results (no reports). 4/12/19 – Div 1: Kirkcaldy A 3, Castlehill B 1 We were out graded and[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 21st Nov 19 As usual another busy night’s chess at Castlehill Chess Club, Dundee with two TAFCA matches on as well as our own club stuff! TAFCA Div 3: Castlehill F 1½, Dundee E[...]
TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20  (Part Two: Dundee Chess Club) The 2nd of 5 events takes place at Dundee Chess Club on Tuesday 26th November 2019, 7:30pm. This is also part of the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix events so points[...]
CASTLEHILL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20 The 2nd round draw is now up on our website and is split over two club nights to easy pressure on the club.   Round Two (Part 1): Thurs 19th Dec 19; 7:30pm sign-in. Round[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT + more: Thurs 7th Nov 19 Another busy night at Castlehill with some new possible members down checking out the club. Junior coaching and skittle games played, plus the last of the Club[...]
TAFCA: Newport Knights A v Castlehill B Twas the night after all the fireworks that Castlehill B travelled to Newport to face the Newport Knights A team. Would this be a damp squib? Or would someone[...]
SNCL 2019-20, Sunday November 3rd: Report of rounds 1 and 2. And so that new 2019-20 Scottish National Chess League started at the Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline, yesterday. The SNCL is one of the premier chess[...]
Well it may have been Halloween, but the club was still open and what a night it was with 39 people down at the club! We had 3 TAFCA matches in full swing, with the club[...]
TAFCA NEWS - updated: 30/10/19   TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP Tonight (Wed 30th Oct 19) see`s the TAFCA Allegro Championship series kicks off in Kirkcaldy (St.Clair Tavern, 2 St Clair Street Kirkcaldy, KY1 2AV)!   Yes the first of 5 events[...]
TAFCA RESULTS – CASTLEHILL Well a busy couple of days for Castlehill!   On Monday 28th Oct Castlehill A played Perth A in Perth. It was an eventful night to say the least and our “A” team did[...]
CASTLEHILL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20 Well here we go again for another season with our premier club event, the Castlehill Club Championship 2019-20. Thank you all for entering this year and so far we have an amazing 46 players entered! There[...]
Another busy night down at Castlehill Chess Club! This evening saw our D and E teams kick off their TAFCA seasons, with a convicning 3-1 victory for the D team, not the captaincy debut Daniel[...]
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20 (UPDATE- 7th Oct 19) The closing date for this years club championship is Sunday 13th October 2019, so please let me know if you wish to enter! To check if you are entered, please[...]
Another busy night down at Castlehill last night, with yet MORE new chess players coming along! We saw an evening of good friendlies and learning in the coffee bar, with Cameron and Andre yet again having[...]
CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2019-20 (Premier Club Event) It`s that time of year again and I am now looking for entries for this years Club Championship 2019-20. This will be a 5 round Swiss, normal pairing rules apply this[...]
THE 16th BOBBY GOW MEMORIAL 2019   What a fantastic turnout from both chess clubs tonight at the Bobby Gow Memorial Cup held at Castlehill Chess Club Dundee last night (Thurs 19th Sept 19).   Dundee Chess Club had[...]
CLUB NIGHT REPORT: Thurs 12th Sept 19 Not a lot to report as it was our AGM night and everything went smoothly as usual! The one major change was Daniel Coleman taking over from Subhayu Banerjee[...]
The 16th Bobby Gow Memorial 2019 This annual Bobby Gow Memorial takes place on Thursday 19th September 2019, 7:30pm at Castlehill Chess Club Dundee! This is between Castlehill and Dundee Chess Clubs in memory of the late Bobby Gow who was a[...]