We are looking for entries for our “SUMMER FUN ONLINE” tournament. Closing date for entries is Sunday 9th July 2020. This will be like a dummy fun run trial and hopefully will give some players the long time controls they seek!

Updated: 30/06/20

ENTRIES (so far)

1 Robert Jackson 1573
2 Ray Noble 1536
3 Andy Rowe 1536
4 Trevor Harley 1439
5 Marten Kats 1091
6 Rishi Vijayakumar 482


  1. The round draws will be displayed on the Castlehill web site ASAP.
  2. The closing date for entries is Thurs 9th July 20. No entries will be taken after the second round draw has been made.
  3. The Summer on-line will be a 4 round Swiss event.
  4. All matches will take place on a set Monday night, 7:30pm start.
  5. Dates: 13/07/20; 27/07/20; 17/08/20 & 7/09/20
  6. If you cannot make the night then contact your opponent and arrange other date which “MUST” be before the designated match night.
  7. The scoring shall be; Win=3 point: Draw=1 point; Loss=0 points.
  8. Any player may request a 1 point bye in the first 3 rounds.
  9. Time-controlOne time control of 90 minutes each player. No minimum number of required moves, no quick-Play finish and no increments. (3 hours play max)
  10. The result of the match should be sent by email by both players to the controller (Ray). If possible also send me the link to the game (Copy & paste).
  11. Fair Play: The use of computer software, or any other aid is strictly forbidden.
    Castlehill will conduct fair play checks along with lichess.org. Anyone deemed to be using computer assistance will be barred.
  12. You must have put your full name and on-line handle in the online spread sheet provided (see guides).
  13. The competition organiser and/or committee may make amendments deemed appropriate to ensure the smooth running of the tournament.