Entries close on Thurs 26th May 22

Updated: 16/05/22

ENTRIES (so far)

1.Ray Noble (1591)


Standings after 0 rounds.
Updated: 03/02/22


Updated: 16/05/22
Summer Online Round One – Sun 12th June 22

Updated: 16/05/22

Summer Online Round 2: Sun 10th July 22

Updated: 16/05/22
Castlehill Summer Online Round 3 – Sun 31st July 22


Updated: 16/05/22
Summer Online Round Four (last) – Sun 21st Aug 22


  1. All games will be played on Lichess unless agreed with Competition organiser in advance to change platform.
  2. TIME-CONTROL: 45 minutes + 20 second increment
  3. First named is white and must make the challenge.
  4. All matches must be Rated; Standard;
    All players should check this is correct if not, refuse the challenge and then re-challenging with correct settings/time-control
  5. Sundays are the official match date, but players can make their own arrangements if both agree
  6. Rounds: 4 round Swiss.
    Round One: Sun 12th June 22
    Round Two: Sun 10th July 22
    Round Three: Sun 31st July 22
    Round Four: Sun 21st Aug 22
  1. A player can request a bye in only once in any of the first 4 rounds only. A bye is ½ point.
  2. All games go for Chess Scotland Allegro grading.
  3. Players should contact/email their opponent ASAP to find a suitable date to play the match. Any problems contact the competition organiser.