TAFCA LEAGUE ONLINE 2020 – (7th July to 12th Oct 20)
(Trial Fun run)

This new venture by TAFCA starts on Tuesday 7th July 2020 and ends on Monday 12th October 2020. There are two divisions and Castlehill Chess club has 4 teams entered. All matches will be played on Lichess.org in the same way OTB matches are with set club nights.

Division One has 8 teams with Castlehill having two teams in this division (Castlehill Armadillo`s & Bandicoots). Division Two has 7 team with Castlehill once again having two teams (Castlehill Cobra`s & Dragons). You will notice the A, B, C & D letters in bold which means what it looks like, Castlehil A, B, C & D teams!

For all the latest information, checkout the TAFCA website!