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Chess Scotland is the governing body for chess in Scotland. It was formed in 2001 with the merger of theScottish Chess Association (SCA) and the Scottish Junior Chess Association (SJCA).

It is one of the oldest national chess associations in the world, the SCA having been founded in 1884. As the national organisation for chess, Chess Scotland is the affiliate to the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and appoints the Scottish delegate to FIDE’s Council. Its International Director is responsible for selecting the teams which represent Scotland at the biennial Chess Olympiad.

Objective and functions

Its principal objective is to “foster and promote the game of chess throughout Scotland among players of all ages”.

Its principal functions are:

  • to represent the interests of Scottish chess (at FIDE and elsewhere),
  • to select individuals and teams to represent Scotland at international chess events,
  • to hold national and international chess tournaments in Scotland
  • to promote the game of chess in Scotland
  • to train and appoint officials
  • to operate a national grading system

Chess Scotland’s functions are performed by unpaid volunteers and is registered as a non-profit organisation. Its turn-over in 2009 was approximately £35,000, of which a third was provided by the Scottish Government via annual grant aid. In 2013 the Government grant ceased.

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Season 2016-17

In the Q/Final`s of the Spens Cup we play Wandering Dragons at home in the Chaplaincy on Saturday 21st January, starting at noon. It will be a hard match but we have the players to do some damage! Spectators welcome!

Spens Cup Draw


Season 2015-16:


Castlehill Chess Club traveled to Cumbernauld to face Troon Chess Club in the Spens Cup. The teams were made up of five players from each club, with a time-control of 40 moves in 2 hours, plus 30 minutes quick-play. The match started at 11am.

Castlehill were out graded on “ALL” boards with Troon`s average grade being 1756, while Castlehill`s was 1619. Not only that but we had two new players in our side that had no experience of playing at this level! But we were confident they would cut it!

Well Castlehill won the match 4 – 1 with all players stepping up to the plate! The score looks impressive, but I am lead to believe all matches were closer than the score line suggests!

1 John Calder 1902 0 – 1 1763 Declan Shafi
2 Tommy Barrett 1884 0 – 1 1646 Keith Rose
3 Robin Templeton 1797 1 – 0 1597 Paul Shafi
4 Duncan Malcolm 1696 0 – 1 1590e Daniel Thompson
5 Len Weir 1502 0 – 1 1500e Pawel Kosior
Final 1 – 4 Score

Congratulations on a great result and team effort! What a team!

Castlehill Chess Club would like to thank Troon`s players for a friendly and competitive match played in the right spirit and of course Cumbernauld Chess Club for the use of their facilities and equipment!

Now we have reached the Semi-Final stages and are away to face the Wandering Dragons (Edinburgh) on the 12th March 2016! We will be away from home and it will be a tough one, but we have the players and the winning mentality to upset the odds again!

Saturday 12th March: SPENS CUP: Semi-Finals: Wandering Dragons v Castlehill
Slateford Bowling Club, Edinburgh EH14 1TH), starting at 12:50.    Report by Keith Rose (& Ray Noble)

Unfortunately Dragons beat us but look at the differences in grading (see score card!). Declan continued his march up the grading list and Ben played a fine game against Konarski – it was agreed drawn with Ben 2 Rooks, a Bishop and several pawns against a Queen and several pawns but Konarski could force a repetition.

1 Campbell, Eoin. S 1839 0 – 1 1763 Shafi, Declan
2 Kynoch, Richard 1815 1 – 0 1646 Rose, Keith
3 Sloan, Elliot. S 1807 1 – 0 1597 Shafi, Paul
4 Taylor, Ewan 1749 1 – 0 1590est Thompson, Dan
5 Konarski, Jannic 1730 ½ – ½ 1543 Volland, Ben
Ave Grade 1788 3½ – 1½ Ave Grade 1627


Ray “Hard luck. It was some ask grading wise! Declan doing what he does best now! Excellent result! And as for Master Ben Volland? Great performance indeed! Plenty of positives despite the result!”

Congratulations Wandering Dragons and best of luck in the final!



The full knockout draw can be seen at: Spens Cup

Season 2016-17

The draw has been make for the Chess Scotland Nancy Elder tournament and as expected most of Castlehill`s players have been drawn together for the first round. Last year the final was contested between Euan Dawson & Keith Rose, with Euan coming out on top! Let’s hope for the same again this year.

Nancy Elder Draw



Season 2015-16:

We entered ten players in the Nancy Elder Tournament
(a knockout event for individuals graded up to 1850).

Saturday 23rd April 2016 – FINAL!
The final was contested between two Castlehill players, Keith Rose (1646) & Euan Dawson (1322).

Both players gave it their all and at the end with both players short of time, the game ended in a draw!

They will meet again colours reversed at Castlehill Chess Club. Date to be confirmed! A guaranteed Castlehill winner, but who will it be?

FINAL REMATCH: Euan Dawson v Keith Rose

Thursday 19th May 2016 saw the Nancy Elder re-match final played at Castlehill Chess Club between the young lion, Euan Dawson, and the old hand, Keith Rose, both from Castlehill!


Keith with black decided to test Euan`s knowledge and take him out of his comfort zone and have a bit of fun as well! What did Keith play? An Ian McNab classic, the Latvian Gambit! But the game did not go to plan, as Euan showed a lot of maturity for his years and navigated his way through all the labyrinths of possible traps to end up with a won game!

Congratulations Euan on winning the Nancy Elder Cup. This is a fantastic achievement for one so young and follows on from one of our other top juniors who won this title last year, Declan Shafi! Not only that, Euan beat a very experienced and good player in the final in Keith Rose. In the semis Euan also beat the top player in the competition and has proved that he is a very, very worthy champion!

Castlehill Chess Club are proud to have so many good juniors in our club and Euan is one of the most improved juniors at our club and this victory is just rewards for all his hard work!



Nancy Elder

Final; Saturday 23rd April 2016

We played in the final of this tournament on 23rd April against Edinburgh Civil Service. Unfortunately, although the teams were evenly matched by grading, we lost on tie-break (bottom board elimination) after drawing 2.5 – 2.5. The teams were:


1 Hughes, Lloyd 1868 Draw 1748 McNab, C
2 Shafi, Declan 1763 1 – 0 1648 Scott, R
3 Rowe, Andy 1643 0 – 1 1589 Austin, R
4 Shafi, Paul 1597 0 – 1 1579 Jackson, R
5 Volland, Ben 1543 1 – 0 1465 Brown, G
Ave Grade 1683 2½ – 2½ Ave Grade 1606



Semi-Final: Saturday 2nd April 2016
Venue: Castlehill Chess Club; The Chaplaincy Common Room, Dundee Uni
Castlehill v Hamilton

Congratulations go to our Castlehill team who at home beat against the odds Hamilton in the Semi-Final of the Campell Rosebowl to reach the Chess Scotland finals! Out graded on all boards, especially the top ones and board 5! The Campbell Rosebowl is a sort of consolation Cup for those who lost in the preliminary or first round of the Spens Cup.


1 Barker, Luke 1714 0 – 1 2070 Tweedie, Christopher
2 Rose, Keith 1646 1 – 0 1967 Donohue, Tom
3 Rowe, Andy 1642 ½ – ½ 1700 Montgomery, Robert
4 Thompson, Dan 1590e 1 – 0 1677 Montgomery. James
5 Dawson, Euan 1322 1 – 0 1666 Bond, Alexander
Ave Grade 1582 3½ – 1½ Ave Grade 1816


A fantastic result by for Castlehill, and what a performance by all the players involved!

We will meet Edinburgh Civil Service in the final at Grangemouth on April 23