Updated: 27/06/19
Defending Champion: Ramit Kanodia

1RAMIT20171217.585%Q in final
2RISHABH1916031684%Q in final
3KRISH13823962%Q in final
4ALEXANDER127147.558%Q in final



Updated: 27/06/19

120/09/18Ramit Kanodia J1110Krish Akula J11
220/09/18Rishabh Akula J1310Tom Grosset J11
320/09/18Haoqi Zhang J701Anish Chaudhuri J12
427/09/18Charvi Kanodia J1610Tom Grosset J11
527/09/18Tom Grosset J1101Ramit Kanodia J11
627/09/18Ramit Kanodia J1101Rishabh Akula J13
727/09/18Ramit Kanodia J1110Haoqi Zhang J7
827/09/18Ramit Kanodia J1110Ansh Pavan J8
927/09/18Rishabh Akula J1310Tom Grosset J11
1027/09/18Rishabh Akula J1310Anish Chaudhuri J12
1127/09/18Rishabh Akula J1310Arya Sanu J10
124/10/2018Rishabh Akula J1310Tom Grosset J11
1311/10/2018Rishi Vijayakumar J701Anish Chaudhuri J12
1418/10/2018Anish Chaudhuri J1210Ansh Pavan J8
1518/10/2018Rishabh Akula J1310Ansh Pavan J8
1618/10/2018Rishi Vijayakumar J710Anish Chaudhuri J12
1718/10/2018Rishabh Akula J1310Krish Akula J11
1818/10/2018Rishabh Akula J1310Tom Grosset J11
1925/10/2018Anish Chaudhuri J1210Ansh Pavan J8
2025/10/2018Ramit Kanodia J1110Rishabh Akula J13
2101/11/2018Krish Akula J1110Tom Grosset J11
2201/11/2018Ramit Kanodia J1110Max
2315/11/2018Ansh Pavan01Anish Chaudhuri J12
2415/11/2018Ansh Pavan½½Rishi Vijayakumar J7
2510/01/2019Tom Grosset J1110Adam Webster
2610/01/2019Anish Chaudhuri J1210Ansh Pavan J8
2710/01/2019Ansh Pavan01Tom Grosset J11
2810/01/2019Rishi Vijayakumar J701Anish Chaudhuri J12
2914/02/2019Haoqi Zhang J701Rishabh Akula J13
3014/02/2019Ram Shama J910Ansh Pavan J8
3114/02/2019Tom Grosset J1101Rishabh Akula J13
3214/02/2019Rishabh Akula J1310Ansh Pavan J8
3314/02/2019Ansh Pavan10Haoqi Zhang J7
3414/02/2019Tom Grosset J1101Ram Shama J9
3514/02/2019Ramit Kanodia J1110Tom Grosset J11
3628/02/2019Haoqi Zhang J701Alexander Barron-Majerik
3728/02/2019Tom Grosset J1110Ansh Pavan J8
3828/02/2019Craig Stevenson J901Arya Sanu J10
3928/02/2019Alexander Barron-Majerik10Craig Stevenson J9
4028/02/2019Ansh Pavan01Haoqi Zhang J7
4128/02/2019Arya Sanu J1010Tom Grosset J11
4228/02/2019Haoqi Zhang J710Craig Stevenson J9
4328/02/2019Tom Grosset J1101Alexander Barron-Majerik
4428/02/2019Arya Sanu J10½½Ansh Pavan J8
4507/03/2019Haoqi Zhang J710Rishabh Akula J13
4607/-3/2019Arya Sanu J1001Rishabh Akula J13
4708/03/2019Tom Grosset J1110Craig Stevenson J9
4807/-3/2020Arya Sanu J1010Tom Grosset J11
4909/03/2019Rishabh Akula J1310Haoqi Zhang J7
5007/-3/2021Ramit Kanodia J1110Haoqi Zhang J7
5110/03/2019Rishi Vijayakumar J701Ramit Kanodia J11
5221/03/2019Haoqi Zhang J701Ansh Pavan J8
5321/03/2019Ansh Pavan10Tom Grosset J11
5421/03/2019Haoqi Zhang J701Tom Grosset J11
5521/03/2019Arya Sanu J1010Ansh Pavan J8
5606/06/2019Ramit Kanodia J1110Haoqi Zhang J7
5713/06/2019Charvi Kanodia J1601Ramit Kanodia J11
5813/06/2019Ramit Kanodia J1101Charvi Kanodia J16
5913/06/2019Ramit Kanodia J1110Alexander Barron-Majerik
6013/06/2019Alexander Barron-Majerik01Ramit Kanodia J11
6113/06/2019Alexander Barron-Majerik10Charvi Kanodia J16
6220/06/2019Haoqi Zhang J701Ram
6320/06/2019Krish Akula J1110Alexander Barron-Majerik
6420/06/2019Ram Shama J901Krish Akula J11
6520/06/2019Alexander Barron-Majerik01Ram Shama J9
6620/06/2019Ramit Kanodia J1110Tom Grosset J11
6720/06/2019Tom Grosset J1101Rishabh Akula J13
6820/06/2019Ram Shama J910Rishabh Akula J13
6920/06/2019Haoqi Zhang J7½½Tom Grosset J11
7027/06/2019Alexander Barron-Majerik10Tom Grosset J11
7127/06/2019Haoqi Zhang J710Tom Grosset J11
7227/06/2019Tom Grosset J11½½Krish Akula J11
7327/06/2019Krish Akula J1110Haoqi Zhang J7
7427/06/2019Rishabh Akula J1310Krish Akula J11
7527/06/2019Rishabh Akula J1310Tom Grosset J11
7627/06/2019Ramit Kanodia J1110Tom Grosset J11
7727/06/2019Ramit Kanodia J11½½Krish Akula J11
7827/06/2019Tom Grosset J1101Krish Akula J11
7927/06/2019Ramit Kanodia J1110Rishi Vijayakumar J7
8027/06/2019Rishi Vijayakumar J710Tom Grosset J11
8127/06/2019Tom Grosset J1101Ramit Kanodia J11
8227/06/2019Haoqi Zhang J710Adam Webster
8304/07/2019Haoqi Zhang J701Krish Akula J11
8404/07/2019Krish Akula J1110Tom Grosset J11
8504/07/2019Rishi Vijayakumar J710Tom Grosset J11
8604/07/2019Haoqi Zhang J701Alexander Barron-Majerik
8704/07/2019Alexander Barron-Majerik01Krish Akula J11

Thursday 15th August 2019

Congratulations to Ramit Kanodia (Defending Champion; Rishabh & Krish Akula and Alexander Barron-Majerik for reaching the final stages!

The final will be an all-play-all, playing each other twice (Black & White), 6 matches in all.  All matches will be 15 minutes each player. The player with the most points at the end will be th e 2018-19 Junior Club Champion!

Good luck to all! :)

1 – At the beginning of the tournament, players are paired based on their rating if any.
2 – As soon as you finish a game, you will then be paired with a player preferably close to your ranking (score) who is available. This ensures a minimum wait time.
3 – Self pairing should be possible when/if everyone gets the hang of the system
4 – You cannot play the same player more than one time on a given night.
5 – Colours are decided randomly by pawns-behind-back
6 – Games are not graded.
7 – 15 minutes each on the clock.
8 – Recording moves is encouraged but optional. Recorded games can potentially be reviewed by a Castlehill player.
9 – In the case of pairings or any disputes, the arbiters decision is always final
10 – Each result needs to be logged by the players in a notebook. The scores will be transfered to a whiteboard chart (I have one) by an arbiter.
11 – The tournament winner(s) are decided by the highest number of points scored.
12 – Prizes: The will be prizes for the top three scores. The will also be small prizes for all participants.
13 – Closing date for Championship ????