Updated: 10/07/20

Apologies but due to the Global pandemic the 2019-20 Junior Club Championship has been cancelled!

Not a lot of action so far this season but it will get intense asap! No surprise that Ramit and Rishabh are leading, but maybe we have a dark horse in Prithvi Sudarshan!

Time will tell but of course Ramit is still odds on to retain his title unless…


Congratulations to Ramit Kanodia J12 (882) on winning and defending his Castlehill Junior Club Championship 2018-19! It was well deserved and once again, Ramit proves he is the strongest junior (below 14) in the club. He did not get it all his own way as Rishabh Akula J14 (683) did beat him once and Alexander Barron-Majerik J8 (216) did have the opportunity to beat Ramit in the last match of the tournament as Ramit took his eye of the game! But sometimes you need a bit of luck as well as good play to win a title! Well played young man! Rishabh Akula finished in runner-up spot and if it was not for his one slip up against Alexander he would have tied with Ramit, but it was not to be. Next year who knows!


A big thank you to all our juniors who took part in this year Junior Club Championship. We really are a blessed club with our juniors


Thursday 15th August 2019

Congratulations to Ramit Kanodia (Defending Champion; Rishabh & Krish Akula and Alexander Barron-Majerik for reaching the final stages!

The final will be an all-play-all, playing each other twice (Black & White), 6 matches in all.  All matches will be 15 minutes each player. The player with the most points at the end will be th e 2018-19 Junior Club Champion!

Good luck to all! :)

Updated: 06/03/20
Defending Champion: Ramit Kanodia

1Ramit Kanodia76101386%
2Rishabh Akula75021071%
3Max Whisson33006100%
4=Haoqi Zhang8206425%
4=Alexander Barron-Majerik4202450%
4=Prithvi Sudarsnan3201467%
7Krish Akula4112325%
8=Iian Sareika300300%
8=Tom Grosset100100%
8=Matthew Gibson100100%



Updated: 06/03/20

114/11/2019Jan Barron-Majerik10Alexander Barron-Majerik J8
214/11/2019Michael Dugdale10Jan Barron-Majerik
314/11/2019Jan Barron-Majerik10Rishi Vijayakumar J8
414/11/2019Michael Dugdale10Rishi Vijayakumar J8
514/11/2019Rishi Vijayakumar J810Alexander Barron-Majerik J8
614/11/2019Alexander Barron-Majerik01Michael Dugdale
723/01/2020Arthur Grant01Robert Jackson
823/01/2020Ray Noble10Phillip Sareika
923/01/2020Robert Jackson01Ray Noble
1023/01/2020Phillip Sareika01Arthur Grant
1123/01/2020Ray Noble10Arthur Grant
1223/01/2020Phillip Sareika01Robert Jackson
1330/01/2020Keith Rose01Jan Barron-Majerik
1430/01/2020Ray Noble10Michael Dugdale
1530/01/2020Jan Barron-Majerik½½Ray Noble
1630/01/2020Michael Dugdale½½Keith Rose
1730/01/2020Ray Noble10Keith Rose
1830/01/2020Michael Dugdale10Jan Barron-Majerik
1930/01/2020Max Whisson J01Daniel Hayes
2030/01/2020Arthur Grant10Colm Hawkins
2130/01/2020Daniel Hayes10Arthur Grant
2230/01/2020Colm Hawkins10Daniel Hayes
2313/02/2020Ray Noble10Michael Dugdale
2413/02/2020Euan Murray01Keith Rose
2513/02/2020Rishi Vijayakumar J810Subhayu Banerjee
2613/02/2020Michael Dugdale01Keith Rose
2713/02/2020Rishi Vijayakumar J801Ray Noble
2813/02/2020Subhayu Banerjee10Euan Murray
2913/02/2020Euan Murray01Ray Noble
3013/02/2020Subhayu Banerjee10Michael Dugdale
3113/02/2020Keith Rose10Rishi Vijayakumar J8
3220/02/2020Michael Dugdale10Robert Jackson
3320/02/2020Ray Noble10Andy Rowe
3420/02/2020Robert Jackson01Andy Rowe
3520/02/2020Arthur Grant01Ray Noble
3620/02/2020Ray Noble01Michael Dugdale
3720/02/2020Arthur Grant01Robert Jackson
3827/02/2020Ray Noble01Robert Jackson
3927/02/2020Keith Rose10Alan Brown
4027/02/2020Robert Jackson10Keith Rose
4127/02/2020Alan Brown01Ray Noble
4227/02/2020Keith Rose10Ray Noble
4327/02/2020Alan Brown01Robert Jackson
4405/03/2020Michael Dugdale10Robert Jackson
4505/03/2020Keith Rose01Subhayu Banerjee
4605/03/2020Robert Jackson01Keith Rose
4705/03/2020Subhayu Banerjee01Michael Dugdale
4805/03/2020Keith Rose01Michael Dugdale
4905/03/2020Subhayu Banerjee10Robert Jackson
1 – At the beginning of the tournament, players are paired based on their rating if any.
2 – As soon as you finish a game, you will then be paired with a player preferably close to your ranking (score) who is available. This ensures a minimum wait time.
3 – Self pairing should be possible when/if everyone gets the hang of the system
4 – You cannot play the same player more than one time on a given night.
5 – Colours are decided randomly by pawns-behind-back
6 – Games are not graded.
7 – 15 minutes each on the clock.
8 – Recording moves is encouraged but optional. Recorded games can potentially be reviewed by a Castlehill player.
9 – In the case of pairings or any disputes, the arbiters decision is always final
10 – Each result needs to be logged by the players in a notebook. The scores will be transfered to a whiteboard chart (I have one) by an arbiter.
11 – The tournament winner(s) are decided by the highest number of points scored.
12 – Prizes: The will be prizes for the top three scores. The will also be small prizes for all participants.
13 – Closing date for Championship ????