Updated: 13/10/20


Entries are now being taken for the Junior Club Championship 2020-21. Remember Juniors can play in the main Club Championship event as well as the junior one, but remember you will have more matches to play!


  • Matches start at 6pm
  • You will play two matches, Black & white against same opponent (just like 4JNCL)
  • Depending on numbers, it will be a Swiss or all play all.
  • Matches will take place mostly on a Monday night, with a couple of Thursdays as well.
  • Time-Control: 15 minutes + 10 seconds
  • All matches go for allegro grading.
  • All matches take place on Lichess.
  • All match info, including draws will be on the Castlehill Website.
  • Rd 1-Mon 7th Dec; Rd 2-Mon 18th Jan 21: Rd 3-Mon 22nd Feb: Rd 4-Mon 22nd Mar 21: Rd 5-Mon 19th Apr 21 (last)



Apologies but due to the Global pandemic the 2019-20 Junior Club Championship has been cancelled!

Not a lot of action so far this season but it will get intense asap! No surprise that Ramit and Rishabh are leading, but maybe we have a dark horse in Prithvi Sudarshan!

Time will tell but of course Ramit is still odds on to retain his title unless…


Congratulations to Ramit Kanodia J12 (882) on winning and defending his Castlehill Junior Club Championship 2018-19! It was well deserved and once again, Ramit proves he is the strongest junior (below 14) in the club. He did not get it all his own way as Rishabh Akula J14 (683) did beat him once and Alexander Barron-Majerik J8 (216) did have the opportunity to beat Ramit in the last match of the tournament as Ramit took his eye of the game! But sometimes you need a bit of luck as well as good play to win a title! Well played young man! Rishabh Akula finished in runner-up spot and if it was not for his one slip up against Alexander he would have tied with Ramit, but it was not to be. Next year who knows!


A big thank you to all our juniors who took part in this year Junior Club Championship. We really are a blessed club with our juniors


Thursday 15th August 2019

Congratulations to Ramit Kanodia (Defending Champion; Rishabh & Krish Akula and Alexander Barron-Majerik for reaching the final stages!

The final will be an all-play-all, playing each other twice (Black & White), 6 matches in all.  All matches will be 15 minutes each player. The player with the most points at the end will be th e 2018-19 Junior Club Champion!

Good luck to all! :)

Closing date for entries is Sun 1st Nov 20. Please check website for entries so far.

Let me know if you wish to take part.

ENTRIES (so far) updated 18/10/20
1.Rishi Vijaykumar (1002)
2.Ramit Kanodia (900)
3.Josh Dickson (UG)
4.Noah Dickson (UG)
5.Haoqi Liu (220)

Updated: 13/10/20




Updated: 13/10/20



1. Closing date for entries: 1st Nov 21

2. The draw will be up on the website ASAP after draw is made.

3. This will be a 5 round Swiss using the Chess Scotland grading based Swiss pairings, or a CS/Committee approved computer –pairing software.

4. All matches will be played on Lichess.

5. All matches in each round will be played on a designated night (Now known as the “Junior Club Championship Night”) and start at 6pm

6. If a player cannot play on the “SET” night, they must inform their opponent and the competition organiser and try and find a suitable alternative date before the deadline night.

7. SCORING: Win=1 point: Draw=½ point: Loss= Zero points:

8. Time-Control: 15 minutes + 10 seconds.

9. Players on the night play their opponent twice (White & Black).

10. CHALLENGING: The player with white is responsible for making the challenge and setting the time-control and colours.

11. TAKE BACK REQUESTS: Take-back requests are not allowed in Castlehill internal club competitions, even when involving a mistake (mouse slip etc).

12. Any player not having played on or by the deadline, or by an agreed approved date shall be defaulted. If a player defaults for a second time, they shall be withdrawn from the competition and a report sent to the Castlehill committee for further action.

13. TIE-BREAKS: There will be no tie-breaks used in this competition.

14. ONLINE FAIR PLAY REGULATIONS (Anti-Cheating checking)
It is illegal to use computer software of any kind, books, or help from another player or source, or indeed any outside help of any kind when playing in a Castlehill Internal competition. Any player deemed to have transgressed will be brought before the committee with the possibility of a ban being imposed.

Castlehill will be using several methods to make sure we all play in a fair environment.

a) To keep the Integrity of the tournament, we do not allow players to continue to participate in the tournament if their lichess account is flagged as ‘This account violated the Lichess Terms of Service. (Castlehill have no control over lichess)

b) Castlehill will screen all matches played as part of it’s anti-Cheating policy.

c) All games played in Castlehill will also be sent to Chess Scotland for screening through there anti-Cheating software’. It will check if any player receives an exceptionally high ROI reading from Professor Ken Regan’s FIDE Screening Tool.

d) A report to the Scottish Anti-Cheating Committee will be sent if any exceptionally high ROI readings from Professor Ken Regan’s FIDE Screening Tool are identified. They will determine if further action is required.

15. Real names and Lichess handles will be displayed in the entries list and any external software we use.