Updated: 29/03/18

1Ramit Kanodia J105414
2Rishabh Akula J124313
3Jake Proctor J 122111.5
4Krish Akula J106241
5Anish Chaudhuri J112110.5
6Charvi Kanodia J15



Final Junior Section Fixtures/Results 2017-18
Updated: 18/03/18

1Ramit Kanodia J10Jack Proctor J12
2Anish Chaudhuri J11Charvi Kanodia J15
3Rishabh Akula J1210Krish Akula J1008/02/2018
4Jake Proctor J1210Krish Akula J1005/04/2018
5Charvi Kanodia J15Rishabh Akula J12
6Ramit Kanodia J1010Anish Chaudhuri J1108/02/2018
7Anish Chaudhuri J11Jack Proctor J12
8Rishabh Akula J1210Ramit Kanodia J1022/02/2018
9Krish Akula J10Charvi Kanodia J15
10Jake Proctor J12Charvi Kanodia J15
11Ramit Kanodia J1010Krish Akula J1015/03/2018
12Anish Chaudhuri J11Rishabh Akula J12
13Rishabh Akula J12Jack Proctor J12
14Krish Akula J10Anish Chaudhuri J11
15Charvi Kanodia J15Ramit Kanodia J10
16Jack Proctor J12Ramit Kanodia J10
17Charvi Kanodia J15Anish Chaudhuri J11
18Krish Akula J1001Rishabh Akula J1208/02/2018
19Krish Akula J10½½Jake Proctor J1215/02/2018
20Rishabh Akula J12Charvi Kanodia J15
21Anish Chaudhuri J11Ramit Kanodia J10
22Jack Proctor J12Anish Chaudhuri J11
23Ramit Kanodia J1010Rishabh Akula J1215/02/2018
24Charvi Kanodia J15Krish Akula J10
25Charvi Kanodia J15Jake Proctor J12
26Krish Akula J1001Ramit Kanodia J1029/03/18
27Rishabh Akula J12Anish Chaudhuri J11
28Jack Proctor J12Rishabh Akula J12
29Anish Chaudhuri J11½½Krish Akula J1015/02/2018
30Ramit Kanodia J10Charvi Kanodia J15


1 – At the beginning of the tournament, players are paired based on their rating if any.
2 – As soon as you finish a game, you will then be paired with a player preferably close to your ranking (score) who is available. This ensures a minimum wait time.
3 – Self pairing should be possible when/if everyone gets the hang of the system
4 – You cannot play the same player more than one time on a given night.
5 – Colours are decided randomly by pawns-behind-back
6 – Games are not graded.
7 – 15 minutes each on the clock.
8 – Recording moves is encouraged but optional. Recorded games can potentially be reviewed by a Castlehill player.
9 – In the case of pairings or any disputes, the arbiters decision is always final
10 – Each result needs to be logged by the players in a notebook. The scores will be transfered to a whiteboard chart (I have one) by an arbiter.
11 – The tournament winner(s) are decided by the highest number of points scored.
12 – Prizes: The will be prizes for the top three scores. The will also be small prizes for all participants.
13 – Closing date for Championship ????