Welcome to Castlehill Chess Club!

The largest and most active chess club in Dundee. For beginners to Masters,  Juniors to adults. We’re always looking for new members – our membership is around 55 players (35 adults, 20 juniors <17). We have male and female members, the young and the old. Coaching is available.

We are proud that four of our juniors are Chess Scotland Internationalists.

If you want to improve your chess, play casual chess, league chess, or any kind of chess, our club normally meets every Thursday throughout the year (Except Christmas) between 7 pm and 10.30 pm. During COVID restrictions the Club is closed, but we offer a number of online games and tournaments. If you are local to the Dundee area,  or a student at Dundee or Abertay Universities, and you are interested in playing online, please contact us. We welcome players of all ages and level of ability.

THURS NIGHT WEEKLY ARENA TOURNAMENT Thurs 14th Jan 21: 8:10pm to 9: 40pm A fantastic 16 players took part in this week’s quick-play tournament, including new member Darren Cruickshank! Good to have you on board Darren!   Congratulations to Graham Mooney on finishing top this week on 20 points, only losing one game! I think we will see more first place finishes from Graham as the seaon goes forward. Well played and deserved Graham!   Speaking of only losing one game, Richard Kynoch finished 3rd on 15 points, having only lost one game. Not easy in this format of 5 minutes + 3 seconds! Richard just[...]
CASTLEHILL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2020-21 Report after round 2   Wow, with an influx of new members we are now up to 40 players taking part in our Online Club Championship!   Round two did not go to plan for some of our higher graded players with a few shock results! We have 7 players on full points including this season’s number one seed and Club Championship legendary record breaker, Declan Shafi (2184). He had a tough match against Keith Rose (1515) who seems to be getting the hang of online chess now. Mind you the longer time controls must be helping as well!   Andre Babin[...]
TAFCA WINTER LEAGUE MATCH REPORTS 2020-21 (A bit late for some matches but made it at last!)   Division One – Thur 7th Jan 21 Castlehill C 2½, Newport Knights A 1½ This was a tough match with our players out graded on the top three boards, with our 4th board player being the only one higher graded in his match! Not only that Newport Knights fielded a WFM on top board!   Board One: WFM Rhian Hughes (1889) (NK) v (CH) Miguel Angel Prieto Alvarez (1605) Miguel had a battle on his hands against Newport’s WFM legend, Rhian Hughes, but a battle he put up which[...]
TAFCA WINTER LEAGUE ONLINE MATCH REPORT (by Trevor Harley, Captain of “F” team) Tuesday 12th January 2021 – Div 2 – Dundee E v Castlehill F Trevor Harley writes: On Tuesday 12 January 2021 the F team played their first game of the year against Dundee E. As would be expected from the differences in grades we were comfortable winners Board 1 – (W) Colm Hawkins (1396) v (B) Christine Sim (998) Colm’s game on Board 1 was the last to finish. His opponent is a much stronger player than her grading suggests, but is notorious for getting into time time trouble, and that’s what[...]
THURS NIGHT WEEKLY ARENA TOURNAMENT Thurs 7th Jan 21: 8:10pm to 9: 45pm (Approx) This was the first Thursday night event of 2021 and the honour of the first 2021 winner goes to Ognan “Oggy” Kolev! Congratulations Oggy! We had 12 players taking part, down slightly, but Castlehill had two TAFCA matches on the same night as well! This is Oggy`s first win having come third on 3 consecutive occasions before. It was a close tournament with all 3 top finishers only losing two games each! Of course the nature of the tournament is you get more matches played if you enter at[...]
TAFCA ALLEGRO CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES 2020-21 (Kirkcaldy)   The 3rd TAFCA Allegro Championship night took place on Wed 6th Jan 21 at 7:30pm (Kirkcaldy Club Night). On the night up for grabs was the “TAFCA Kirkcaldy Allegro Championship”! We had 35 players taking part in a 5 round Swiss, 15 minutes each player. Castlehill were once again the club with the most players taking part (Thank you again!) Points were available for the TAFCA Allegro Championship Series (this is the 3rd of 6 events in total) and the J.R.Chalmers Grand Prix Memorial (More info on TAFCA Website). It was another fantastic night’s chess and[...]
CASTLEHILL JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2020-21 Round 2: Mon 4th Jan 21: 6pm Round 2 proved to be a more exciting night in more ways than one! Haoqi Liu and his mum both forgot he was playing tonight! Luckily for him and his opponent Noah, they did get started which is better for both players as playing is the only way to learn. You learn nothing from winning by default! The night also provided a “Genius” moment or two, something to behold indeed! Haoqi Liu 2, Noah Dickson 0 This was a strange battle with both players leaving pieces for the taking, but never taking[...]
January 21, 2021
  • Junior 4NCL Season 3 Rd 1
    Starts: 6:00 pm
  • Castlehill Weekly Online Quick-Play Event
    Starts: 8:00 pm
January 26, 2021
  • 4NCL Season 3 - Rd 1
    Starts: 7:30 pm
January 28, 2021
  • Castlehill Weekly Online Quick-Play Event
    Starts: 8:00 pm
February 4, 2021
  • Junior 4NCL Round 2
    Starts: 6:00 pm
  • TAFCA Allegro Championship Castlehill 4/6
    Starts: 7:30 pm
  • Castlehill Weekly Online Quick-Play Event
    Starts: 8:00 pm
February 9, 2021
  • 4NCL Season 3 Rd 2
    Starts: 7:30 pm

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Ray Noble v Andy Rowe
Castlehill Arena Lichess Tournament -5 minutes+ 3 seconds

We are always looking for new games, so players please submit your games
and if possible with some analysis or thoughts.
It does not matter your level,  the games are part of the clubs history!

TAFCA WINTER LEAGUE ONLINE 2020-21: Updated: 14/01/21 – 21:55 hrs
Result: Div 1: St.Andrews Uni A 1½, Castlehill B 2½
Result: Div 2: Castlehill H 2, St.Andrews Uni B 2

Division One

1DUNDEE A4400812.5
2DUNDEE B4301610.5
5NEWPORT A410327.5
7ST.ANDREWS A310225.5
8PERTH A310225

Division Two

3NEWPORT B320147.5
5DUNDEE C312046.5
7KIRKCALDY B302125.5
8DUNDEE D301214.5
9DUNDEE E301212.5
10CASTLEHILL G300303.5