Welcome to Castlehill Chess Club!

Perhaps the most active and welcoming Chess Club in Scotland. For beginners to Masters,  Juniors to adults. We’re always looking for new members – our membership is around 40 players. We have male and female members, the young and the old. Coaching is available.

We are proud that four of our juniors are Chess Scotland Internationalists.

If you want to improve your chess, play casual chess, league chess, or any kind of chess, simply come along to the club or contact us in advance to be greeted at the door.

CASTLEHILL CHESS CLUB REPORT CATCH-UP: Apologies for the lack of info over the past two weeks but have been very busy with work and family matters. So let’s catch up on what has been a very good time for our club. TAFCA LEAGUE Div 2 Dundee D 0, Castlehill D 4 What a great result away from home for Castlehill D against our local city rivals! TAFCA KNOCKOUT FINAL And it does not end there for Captain Colin Young as he also captains Castlehill C in the TAFCA Time Handi-cap Knockout. They reached the final of this event, along with Captain Lisa` Paton`s team Castlehill D! Not[...]
CHESS SCOTLAND: SPENS CUP Castlehill Chess Club Club v Wandering Dragons Chess Club Today (Sat 21 Jan) we take on Wandering Dragons B in the Spens Cup. It takes place at the Chaplaincy, starting at noon. We don't have our strongest line-up but we'll do our best. Pop in for a look-see if you are anywhere near. Good Luck everyone![...]
Thurs 12th Jan: Club update + In all 28 players down at the club tonight, including 9 juniors! The junior coaching is going very well with the Step method books. The kids seem to be enjoying it all! TAFCA Div 1 Castlehill C 2½, Dundee C 1½ That is Castlehill C`s first win of this league campaign and a much needed one at that! Craig drew, Graham & Roy won, while Ray was outplayed by Alan Woodcock! TAFCA KNOCKOUT On Tuesday 10th January, Castlehill C took on and beat Dundee A to reach the final of the Time Handi-cap Knockout. In the final they are guaranteed[...]
RANDOM KNOCKOUT 2016-17 Just a reminder that the Prelim round of the Random Knockout must be played by/on Thursday 2nd February 2017. Please email your opponent (and Ray!) asap to arrange a match date. Remember we have a lot of TAFCA & Club Competitions on the go so contact early is paramount! The first round of the Random Knockout deadline is Thursday 30th March 2017. Random Knockout Page[...]
Happy New Year to you all! CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2016-17 After two rounds we only have four players still on full points! Two juniors, including the defending champion, plus a couple of not so young juniors! The third round draw is now up and the Club Championship night is Thursday 9th February 2107.  That is the night you play the match, which by the way has gone down very well in the last two rounds!  If you can`t make that night, then it`s up to you the player to contact your opponent (and email me as well!) asap to try and find an[...]
Thurs 22nd Dec: Club Update The last club night of 2016 was also the Club Championship round 2 night. We had 8 matches on and in total 23 players down including juniors. What a club we have at the moment. Let’s hope 2017 brings us even more new players and rewards. Club Championship Results Rd 2 R.Noble 0, A.Banerjee 1 A.Rowe 1, S.Banerjee 0 P.Shafi 0, D.Kosznik 1 E.Dawson 1, R.McLeod 0 G.Thomas ½, C.Nicol ½ A.Grant 0, S.Gregory 0 N.Waugh 0, G.Atkins 1 C.Young ½, R.Morris ½ The atmosphere was brilliant and I can honestly say having a Club Championship night is proving popular and exciting for all involved! Junior coaching was[...]
Thurs 15th Dec: Club Night Report With 30+ members down it was another goodnight. No report last week because of illness, so I will try and catch up in this report! TAFCA Div 1 Castlehill B 2½, Castlehill C 1½ It was close, but not close enough for the “C” team. The top board featured the two best draw masters this side of the Milky Way, Andy Rowe (B) & Craig Nicol (C), and boy did they not disappoint. They say a Leopard cannot change it`s spots and it seems neither can these two players as they were the first match to finish (20:23hrs!).[...]
February 22, 2017
  • TAFCA Div 2: Kirkcaldy B v Castlehill D
    Starts: 7:30 pm
February 23, 2017
  • TAFCA Div 1: Castlehill A v Perth A (re-arranged)
    Starts: 7:30 pm
February 26, 2017
  • SNCL: Rounds 5 & 6
    Starts: 10:00 am
February 28, 2017
  • TAFCA Div 2: Dundee D v Castlehill E
    Starts: 7:30 pm
March 8, 2017
  • TAFCA Div 1: Kirkcaldy A v Castlehill A
    Starts: 7:30 pm
March 9, 2017
  • TAFCA Div 2: Castlehill D v Perth B
    Starts: 7:30 pm
March 14, 2017
  • TAFCA Div 1: Dundee C v Castlehill C
    Starts: 7:30 pm
March 17, 2017
  • Irvine Congress: Fri/Sun; 17th-19th March
    Starts: 6:00 pm

Full calendar here.

The Open and Major round 3 results are a bit slow being posted so here are some -
Declan 1 – 0 Robert Kane (1861)
Alastair Dawson ? Chris James (1861)
Euan Dawson ½ Mike Ridge (1837)

Tom Constance 0 – 1 Stephen McQuillan (1700)
Subhayu 1 – 0 Divyesh Selvaraj (u/g)
Ben Volland ? Marco D’Allesio (1353), don’t know the result but Ben looked to be losing when I left
Keith Rose 0 – 1 Agnijo (1357)
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Perth Congress –

Unfortunately ‘live’ boards are thin on the ground. Last year there were 16 boards, but only 8 were set up this time – and two didn’t work. Only Declan’s game was broadcast.

As far as results went – oh well. Some good ‘uns but overall it was a disappointing start:

Open –
Declan 1 – 0 Ioannis Dabos-Doukas (1786)
Alastair Dawson 0 – 1 Duncan Campbell (1733)
Raymond Wynarczyk (1912) ½ - ½ Euan Dawson

Major –
Ian Washington (1427) 0 – 1 Tom Constance
Keith Rose 0 – 1 Adam Walkowiak (1393)

Minor –
Ray Noble 0 – 1 Mark Smith (1132)
Malcolm MacMillan 1 – 0 Charvi Kanodia
Marie Shafi 0 – 1 Daniel Boyle
Ramit Kanodia - bye
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