Bob Dunn Summer 2018-19

Updated: 12/05/19: Last chance! Draw done tonight Sun 12th May 19!
Entries are now being taken for the Bob Dunn Summer Championship 2019
Closing date for entries is Thurs 9th May with the 1st round taking place on 30/05/19

1Jan Barron-Majerik1583
2Andy Rowe1545
3Tom Constance1521
4Keith Rose1495
5Ray Noble1482
6Roy Morris1446
7Subhayu Banerjee1403
8Alan Woodcock1401
9Graham Atkins1371
10Colin Young1360
11Gordon Thomas1350
12Cameron Wilson1302
13Ed Walton1242
14Norman Waugh1188
15Marten Kats1114
16John Lynch1064
17Lisa Paton926
18Ramit Kanodia J11757
19Charvi Kanodia J16701
20Scot McKenzie515
21Rishi Vijayakumar J70
22Ananthi Ramachandran0
23Alexander Barron-Majerik J70

Thurs 30th May 19

1Subhayu Banerjee1 - 0Jan Barron-MajerikThurs 30th May
2Andy Rowe0 - 1Alan WoodcockThurs 13th June
3Graham Atkins0 - 1Tom ConstanceThurs 6th June
4Keith Rose1 - 0Colin YoungThurs 30th May
5Gordon Thomas0 - 1Ray NobleThurs 30th May
6Roy Morris0 - 1Ed WaltonThurs 30th May
7Norman Waugh1 - 0Charvi Kanodia J16Thurs 30th May
8Scot McKenzie1 - 0Alan BrownThurs 30th May
9John Lynch1 - 0Rishi Vijayakumar J7Thurs 30th May
10Ananthi Ramachandran0 - 1Lisa PatonThurs 30th May
11Ramit Kanodia J111 - 0Alexander Barron-Majerik J7Thurs 30th May
12Cameron Wilson1 - 0Norrie CarrollThurs 30th May

Thurs 27th June 19

1Ed Walton0 - 1Andy RoweThurs 18th July
2Tom Constance1 - 0Norman WaughThurs 27th June
3John Lynch0 - 1Keith RoseThurs 27th June
4Ray Noble0 - 1Ramit Kanodia J11Thurs 27th June
5Lisa PatonSubhayu Banerjee
6Scot McKenzie0 - 1Cameron WilsonThurs 27th June
7Jan Barron-Majerik1 - 0Marten KatsThurs 27th June
8Charvi Kanodia J160 - 1Roy MorrisThurs 27th June
9Alan Woodcock1 - 0Alexander Barron-Majerik J7Thurs 27th June
10Alan Brown0 - 1Graham AtkinsThurs 27th June
11Colin Young1 - 0Norrie CarrollThurs 27th June
12Rishi Vijayakumar J70 - 1Gordon ThomasThurs 27th June
13Ananthi Ramachandran0 - 1Peter SallaiThurs 27th June

Thurs 25th July 19

1Subhayu Banerjee0 - 1Tom ConstanceThurs 29th Aug
2Keith RoseDrawAlan WoodcockThurs 25th July
3Cameron Wilson1 - 0Ramit Kanodia J11Thurs 25th July
4Peter Sallai1 - 0Charvi Kanodia J16Thurs 25th July
5Gordon Thomas0 - 1Jan Barron-MajerikThurs 25th July
6Andy RoweColin YoungThurs 25th July
7Norman Waugh0 - 1Ray NobleThurs 25th July
8Roy Morris1 - 0Lisa PatonThurs 25th July
9Graham Atkins1 - 0Ed WaltonThurs 25th July
10Marten Kats1 - 0Scot McKenzieThurs 25th July
11Alexander Barron-Majerik J70 - 1Ananthi RamachandranThurs 25th July
12Rishi Vijayakumar J71 - 0Alan BrownThurs 25th July

Thurs 22nd Aug 19
Champion 2018-19: Tom Constance
R/up 2018-19: Keith Rose & Peter Sallai

1Tom Constance1 - 0Cameron Wilson
2Alan WoodcockD - 1Peter Sallai
3Jan Barron-Majerik0 - 1Keith Rose
4Subhayu Banerjee0 - 1Andy Rowe
5Graham Atkins1 - 0Roy Morris
6Colin Young0 - 1Marten Kats
7Lisa PatonD - DGordon Thomas
8Ed Walton1 - 0Scot McKenzie
9Ananthi Ramachandran0 - 1Norman Waugh
10Charvi Kanodia1 - 0Rishi Vijayakumar
11Norrie Carroll0 - 1Alan Brown

Champions: Paul Shafi; Andy Rowe & Colin Young (10 pts)
R/Up: Keith Rose; Ray Noble & Graham Atkins (9 pts)

Total points
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
13Tom Constance1521123333
24Keith Rose1495103313
326Peter Sallai0101333
42Andy Rowe154590333
59Graham Atkins137190333
612Cameron Wilson130293330
75Ray Noble148273031
88Alan Woodcock140173310
915Marten Kats111471033
1018Ramit Kanodia J1175773301
111Jan Barron-Majerik158360330
126Roy Morris144660330
137Subhayu Banerjee140363300
1411Gordon Thomas135060303
1513Ed Walton124263003
1614Norman Waugh118863003
1716John Lynch106463003
1810Colin Young136030300
1917Lisa Paton92633000
2019Charvi Kanodia J1670130003
2120Scot McKenzie51533000
2225Alan Brown030003
2322Ananthi Ramachandran030030
2421Rishi Vijayakumar J7030030
2523Alexander Barron-Majerik J7010001
2624Norrie Carroll000000


  1. The round draws will be displayed on the web site ASAP.
  2. The closing date for entries shall be the IN MARCH. No entries will be taken after the second round draw has been made.
  3. The Summer will be a 4 round Swiss event using the CHESS SCOTLANDgrading based Swiss pairings, or a CS/Committee approved computer-pairing software.
  4. **Accelerated Pairings will be used in the first 2 rounds
  5. **ALL matches in each round will be played on the one night (Now known as “SUMMER NIGHT”).
  6. **When draw is made please contact your opponent ASAP to confirm you can play on the SUMMER NIGHT.
  7. **If a player cannot play on the SUMMER NIGHT, they must inform their opponent and the competition organiser of this and try and find a suitable alternative date before this deadline night.
  8. **The SUMMER NIGHT(dead-line) dates 2017 are as follows;
    Round 1  –  Thurs 13th April 2017
    Round 2  –  Thurs  1st June 2017
    Round 3  –  Thurs 13th July 2017
    Round 4  –  Thurs  31st Aug 2017
  9. The scoring shall be; Win=3 point: Draw=1 point; Loss=0 points. All games will be sent for normal grading.
  10. Any player may request a 1 point bye in the first 3 rounds.
  11. Time-control “One time control of 90 minutes each player. no minimum number of required moves and no quick-Play finish.
  12. TIE-BREAKS– In the event of a tie for title between players, a 5th round draw will be done between those players
  13. Players can only win one trophy, and will be awarded the most prestigious title.
  14. The competition organiser and/or committee may make amendments deemed appropriate to ensure the smooth running of the tournament