Bob Dunn Summer 2014-15

Standings after 4 rounds:
Champion: Roy Morris: R/up: R.Noble/G.Atkins/G.Thomas & E.Rota

Total points
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
12Roy Morris14861233331st
23Ray Noble1448933302nd=
34Graham Atkins1401903332nd=
46Gordon J Thomas1372930332nd=
519Ettore Rota0933032nd=
612Arthur Grant81381313
75Subhayu Banerjee139963300
87Colin Young132960033
98Tom Constance131863003
1010Lisa Paton101160330
1115Ramit Kanodia (J9)063030
1214Anish Chavdnuri (J10)050113
1317Sneha Sripada (J12)050113
141Craig S Nicol151940310
1511Robert Mcleod100533000
1613Charvi Kanodia (J14)030300
1718Josh Cargill (J15)033000
1816Siddarth Sripada (J12)010010
199Daniel Coleman108300000

Deadline is Thursday 24th August 2017

1Morris, Roy1 - 0Noble, Ray24th Aug
2Kanodia, Ramit (J9)0 - 1Atkins, Graham24th Aug
3Thomas, Gordon1 - 0Paton, Lisa24th Aug
4Rota, Ettore1 - 0Banerjee, Subhayu24th Aug
5Grant, Arthur1 - 0Kanodia, Charvi (J14)24th Aug
6Constance, Tom (J)1 - 0Nicol, Craig24th Aug
7Young, Colin1 - 0Cargill, Josh (J15)24th Aug
8McLeod, RobbieD - 1Sripada, Sneha (J12)24th Aug
9Sripada, Siddarth (J15)0 - 1Chaudhuri, Anish (J10)24th Aug

Deadline Thurs 13th July 2017

1Banerjee, Subhayu0 - 1Morris, RoyThurs 6th July
2Noble, Ray1 - 0Rota, EttoreThurs 6th July
3Nicol, CraigDrawGrant, ArthurThurs 13th July
4Atkins, Graham1 - 0McLeod, RobbieThurs 13th July
5Kanodia, Charvi (J14)0 - 1Thomas, GordonThurs 13th July
6Kanodia, Ramit (J9)1 - DConstance, Tom (J)Thurs 13th July
7Cargill, Josh (J15)0 - 1Paton, LisaThurs 13th July
8Chaudhuri, Anish (J10)0 - 1Young, ColinThurs 13th July
9Sripada, Siddarth (J15)drawSripada, Sneha (J12)Thurs 8th June

Round Two deadline: Thursday 1st June 2017

1Morris, Roy1 - 0Constance, Tom1st June
2Thomas, Gordon0 - 1Noble, Ray1st June
3McLeod, Robbie0 - 1Banerjee, Subhayu1st June
4Rota, Ettore1 - 0Kanodia, Ramit1st June
5Grant, Arthur1 - 0Cargill, Josh1st June
6Young, Colin0 - 1Nicol, Craig1st June
7Atkins, Graham1 - DColeman, Daniel1st June
8Sripara, SnehadrawChavdnuri, Anish25th May
9Paton, Lisa1 - 0Sripara, Siddarth25th May
10Kanodia, CharviBYE

Round 1 Deadline is: Thurs 13th April 2017

1Nicol, Craig0 - 1Thomas, Gordon
2Sripara, Sneha0 - 1Morris, Roy
3Noble, Ray1 - 0Young, Colin
4Constance, Tom1 - 0Atkins, Graham
5Banerjee, SubhayuColeman, Daniel
6Paton, Lisa0 - 1Kanodia, RamitThurs 30 Mar
7Sripara, Siddarth0 - 1McLeod, Robbie
8Cargill, Josh1 - 0Kanodia, CharviThurs 30 Mar
9Chavdnuri, Anish0 - 1Rota, Ettore
10Grant, Arthurbye

Updated: 13/03/17:

15485Craig S Nicol-1519
25364Roy Morris-1486
38657Ray Noble-1448
47363Graham Atkins-1401
524870Subhayu Banerjee-1399
66224Gordon J Thomas-1372
724764Agnijo BanerjeeJ161357
823227Colin Young-1329
922155Tom ConstanceJ151318
1020001Daniel Coleman-1083
1113881Lisa Paton-1011
1213733Robert Mcleod-1005
1325077Arthur Grant-813
1426924Charvi KanodiaJ14
1527316Anish ChaudhuriJ10
1626925Ramit KanodiaJ9
1726452Siddarth SripadaJ15
1826269Sneha SripadaJ12
19Josh CargillJ15
20Edoardo Messinese
2126063Ettore Rota


  1. The round draws will be displayed on the web site ASAP.
  2. The closing date for entries shall be the IN MARCH. No entries will be taken after the second round draw has been made.
  3. The Summer will be a 4 round Swiss event using the CHESS SCOTLANDgrading based Swiss pairings, or a CS/Committee approved computer-pairing software.
  4. **Accelerated Pairings will be used in the first 2 rounds
  5. **ALL matches in each round will be played on the one night (Now known as “SUMMER NIGHT”).
  6. **When draw is made please contact your opponent ASAP to confirm you can play on the SUMMER NIGHT.
  7. **If a player cannot play on the SUMMER NIGHT, they must inform their opponent and the competition organiser of this and try and find a suitable alternative date before this deadline night.
  8. **The SUMMER NIGHT(dead-line) dates 2017 are as follows;
    Round 1  –  Thurs 13th April 2017
    Round 2  –  Thurs  1st June 2017
    Round 3  –  Thurs 13th July 2017
    Round 4  –  Thurs  31st Aug 2017
  9. The scoring shall be; Win=3 point: Draw=1 point; Loss=0 points. All games will be sent for normal grading.
  10. Any player may request a 1 point bye in the first 3 rounds.
  11. Time-control “One time control of 90 minutes each player. no minimum number of required moves and no quick-Play finish.
  12. TIE-BREAKS– In the event of a tie for title between players, a 5th round draw will be done between those players
  13. Players can only win one trophy, and will be awarded the most prestigious title.
  14. The competition organiser and/or committee may make amendments deemed appropriate to ensure the smooth running of the tournament