Bob Dunn Summer 2020-21

on 23rd Aug 21
Four matches still to be played.

cDawson AlastairMoluag56091 - 09robertjacksonJackson Robert
2Barron-Majerik JanJanTheMan8070 - 16gmooneyMooney Graham
3Vijayakumar Rishi J9ninjagouniverse6TBC6GamophobeMcEvoy Gould Kit
4Banerjee SubhayuSB256TBC6MartenKatsKats Marten
5McCluskey Jimjeemymc60 - 16AnitaLove1982Otero Ana
6Karpach ShabanFif7y4TBC5ReturnOfvoldemortWalton Ed
7Harley TrevorLyrurus4½ - ½4chessmad501Anderson James
8Noble RayNobleray31 - 03telramsRamachandran Ananthi
9Waugh Normannwaugh30 - 13itsBobSamsonRowe Andy
10Alijani AshinDundeeDragon30 - 13TayViewManThomas Gordon
11Barron-Majerik.A J9ABM803 - 11RKANODIAKanodia. Ramit J13
12Chalmers Martinbigted1TBC0Tiggy11Carroll Norrie

Standings (after 4 round)
Four matches still to be played but Congratulations to Alastair Dawson the new Bob Dunn Summer Champion 2020-21!

#NAMEGRADETotal PointsRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4 
1Alastair G Dawson1800123333Champion
2=Graham Mooney186693303
2=Robert Jackson157593330
2=Jim McCluskey145093033
2=Ana Belen Seijas Otero140293033
6Jan Barron-Majerik150073130
7=Ray Noble159161113
7=Andrew Rowe157261113
7=Subhayu Banerjee14446033
7=Gordon J Thomas131263003
7=Marten Kats12036330
7=Rishi Vijayakuma10026303
7=Kit McEvoy Gould10006033
14=Jim Anderson154051301
14=Edward Walton14815113
14=Trevor Harley133353101
17=Shaban Karpach18004013
17=Ramit Kanodia88240103
19=Norman Waugh116033000
19=Alexander Barron-Majerik22130030
19=Afshin Alijsni030300
23Martin Chalmers15051010
24=Leyton Hackney159700
24=Euan Murray1500000
24=Norrie Carroll9170000

Updated: 02/07/21:



Four round Swiss: 60 minutes + 30 seconds

Round 2 Report

Most of the results went to the form book but congratulations to Marten Kats (1203) who beat junior wonder kid, Rishi Vijayakumar J9! That was some result Marten!

Trevor Harley (1333) still not fully recovered from his illness managed a fine draw against Jan Barron-Majerik (1500) who is still in “1 MINUTE BULLET” mode it seemed with the way he played! Nice draw Trevor!

Ramit Kanodia J13 (900) did a break dancing job of “dodging the bullet” and salvaging a draw after Martin Chalmers (1505) in a winning position managed to end up without enough material to win the game! Another winning opportunity going a begging again Martin!

Ed Walton (1482) and Andy Rowe (1572) both served up a corker of a match again with both having to settle for a draw in the end!

We have 4 players on full points (6) after two rounds:

Graham Mooney (1866); Alastair Dawson (1800); Robert Jackson (1575) & Marten Kats (1203), but with two rounds still to go it’s anybody’s championship!

The third round draw is now up on the website. The summer match night is Monday 26th July 21, 7:30pm on Lichess. If not suitable for some players please contact your opponent ASAP and make alternative arrangements which “MUST” be before the match night deadline!

Good luck!


Well despite the pandemic or maybe because of it, we had a fantastic response to the summer tournament with 26 players taking part in round one. The match night was Mon 10th May, 21, with a few matches played on other nights.

The first round used accelerated pairings as we only have four rounds to get a winner. The rest of the remaining three rounds will be ordinary pairings. Remember it`s 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. There were no big upsets as everything more or less went to grading form. Ed Walton (1482) got a draw against Ray Noble (1591), but apart from that nothing to talk about.

The second round draw is up on our website and the match night is Monday 21st June 21, 7;30pm on As we are online and if this date does not suit, players can contact their opponents and rearrange the date and time, as long as it`s played before or by the official match night!


Entries are now being taken for the Bob Dunn Summer tournament 2021. Closing date for entries is Monday 19th April 21. Please checkout the rules tab.

ENTRIES (so far)

 Round 1 will use accelerated pairings. After than normal pairing rules apply.

1 Graham Mooney 1866
2 Leyton Hackney 1720
3 Ray Noble 1591
4 Robert Jackson 1575
5 Andy Rowe 1572
6 Euan Murray 1510
7 Martin Chalmers 1505
8 Jan Barron-Majerik 1500
9 Ed Walton 1481
10 Subhayu Banerjee 1444
11 James Anderson 1440
12 Rishi Vijaykumar J9 1430e
13 Ana Belen Seijas Otero 1403
14 Jim McCluskey 1353
15 Trevor Harley 1333
16 Gordon Thomas 1312
17 Marten Kats 1203
18 Norman Waugh 1160
19 Kit McEvoy Gould NEW 1000
20 Norrie Carroll 917
21 Ramit Kanodia J13 900
22 Alexander Barron-Majerik J9 221
23 Ananthi Ramachandran 0
24 Afdshin Alijani NEW 0

Mon 10th May 21 – Round OneRound Dates (Match night!)

  • Mon 21st June 21 – Round Two
  • Mon 26th July 21 – Round Three
  • Mon 23rd Aug 21 – Round Four (last)


Due to the on going COVID-19 virus pandemic, this seasons (2019-20) Bob Dunn Summer competition has been cancelled. Apologies for this and hopefully we will be back to a full calendar for 2020-21.

Entries will open end of March


Mon 10th May 21

1Chalmers, Martin (1505)bigted0 - 1gmooney(1866) Mooney, Graham
2Karpach, S (1800)Fif7y0 - 1Moluag560(1800) Dawson, Alastair
3Hackney, Leyton (1597)DanceswiththeDevil0 - 1JBM80(1500) Barron-Majerik, Jan
4Walton, Ed (1482)ReturnOfvoldemort½ - ½Nobleray(1591) Noble, Ray
5Jackson, Robert (1575)robertjackson1 - 0SB25(1444) Banerjee, Subhayu
6Anderson, James (1540)chessmad501½ - ½itsBobSamson(1572) Rowe, Andy
7Murray, Euan (1500)euan_850 - 1ninjagouniverse(1430)e Vijayakumar, Rishi J9
8Otero Seijas Belen, Ana (1403)AnitaLove19821 - 0Gamophobe(1000)e McEvoy Gould, Kit
9Carroll, Norrie (917)Tiggy110 - 1jeemymc(1353) McCluskey, Jim
10Harley, Trevor (1333)Lyrurus1 - 0RKANODIA(900) Kanodia, Ramit J13
11Barron-Majerik, Alexander J9 (221)ABM800 - 1TayViewMan(1312) Thomas, Gordon
12Kats, Marten (1203)MartenKats1 - 0telrams(UG) Ramachandran, Ananthi
13Alijani, Afshin (UG)DundeeDragon0 - 1nwaugh(1161) Waugh, Norman

Mon 21st June 21

1Mooney Grahamgmooney31 - 03AnitaLove1982Otero Ana
2Dawson AlastairMoluag5603Vs3jeemymcMcCluskey Jim29/06/21
3Thomas GordonTayViewMan30 - 13robertjacksonJackson Robert
4Barron-Majerik JanJanTheMan803Vs3LyrurusHarley Trevor28/06/21
5Vijayakumar Rishi J9ninjagouniverse30 - 13MartenKatsKats Marten
6Waugh Normannwaugh30 - 11chessmad501Anderson James
7Rowe AndyitsBobSamson1½ - ½1ReturnOfvoldemortWalton Ed
8Noble RayNobleray1Vs0Fif7yKarpach Shaban
9Kanodia. Ramit J13RKANODIA0½ - ½0bigtedChalmers Martin
10Ramachandran Ananthitelrams01 - D0euan_85Murray Euan
11Banerjee SubhayuSB2501 - 00Tiggy11Carroll Norrie28/06/21
12McEvoy Gould KitGamophobe01 -00ABM80Barron-Majerik.A J9
13Alijani Ashin0Bye

Mon 26th July 21

1Jackson Robertrobertjackson61 - 06gmooneyMooney Graham
2Kats MartenMartenKats60 - 16Moluag560Dawson Alastair29/07/2021
3Anderson Jameschessmad50140 -14JanTheMan80Barron-Majerik Jan
4Harley TrevorLyrurus40 - 13ninjagouniverseVijayakumar Rishi J9
5Thomas GordonTayViewMan30 - 13SB25Banerjee Subhayu
6Otero AnaAnitaLove198231 - 03nwaughWaugh Norman
7McCluskey Jimjeemymc31 - 03DundeeDragonAlijani Ashin
8Ramachandran Ananthitelrams30 - 13GamophobeMcEvoy Gould Kit
9Rowe AndyitsBobSamson2½ - ½2NoblerayNoble Ray
10Karpach ShabanFif7y11 - 01RKANODIAKanodia. Ramit J13
11Walton EdReturnOfvoldemort21 - 01bigtedChalmers Martin
12Carroll NorrieTiggy1100 - 10ABM80Barron-Majerik.A J9


  1. The round draws will be displayed on the web site ASAP.
  2. The closing date for entries shall be the IN APRIL. No entries will be taken after the second round draw has been made.
  3. The Summer will be a 4 round Swiss event using the CHESS SCOTLAND grading based Swiss pairings, or a CS/Committee approved computer-pairing software.
  4. **Accelerated Pairings will be used in the first round only
  5. **ALL matches in each round will be played on the one night (Now known as “SUMMER NIGHT”).
  6. **When draw is made please contact your opponent ASAP to confirm you can play on the SUMMER NIGHT.
  7. **If a player cannot play on the SUMMER NIGHT, they must inform their opponent and the competition organiser of this and try and find a suitable alternative date before this deadline night.
  8. The scoring shall be; Win=3 point: Draw=1 point; Loss=0 points. All games will be sent for normal grading.
  9. Any player may request a 1 point bye in the first 3 rounds.
  10. Time-control “One time control of 60 minutes + 30 seconds increments each player. no minimum number of required moves and no quick-Play finish.
  11. TIE-BREAKS– In the event of a tie for title between players, a 5th round draw will be done between those players
  12. Players can only win one trophy, and will be awarded the most prestigious title.
  13. The competition organiser and/or committee may make amendments deemed appropriate to ensure the smooth running of the tournament