Updated: 01/02/22

This will not be held in season 2021-22 due to pandemic. However the “ONLINE” version will be running for 2021-22!



Round 5 (last) Mon 12th April 21 – 6pm

Congratulations to Rishi Vijayakumar J9 on defending his title and being crowned Castlehill Junior Club Champion 2020-21! Well deserved, but it was close as Rishi finished on 9 points, only one point ahead of Ramit Kanodia J13! Josh Dickson J10 was in third place on 4½ points. I suppose the surprise was Rishi actually dropping a point! He is a worthy champion and someone who will win titles at the higher level as well if he keeps his interest and enthusiasm for chess!


Round 5 (last)

Josh Dickson J10 has come on a lot since joining us this year, but Rishi is just a class act for his age and showed why he is now the champion again after winning both the games!

Ramit also won both his games against Haoqi and even got away with putting his queen on a square threatening checkmate, only for Haoqi to miss the fact he could take it with his bishop for nothing, twice!

The performance of the night went to Noah Dickson J8 who beat Alexander Barron-Majerik J9 twice catching Alexander off guard with two back rank mates! Oh dear Alexander, once maybe, twice no, no!
Josh better watch his back as Noah is improving fast!


Castlehill Chess Club Dundee is a lucky club to have so many talented and promising juniors! The future of our club is in safe hands!


Noah Dickson v Alexander Barron-Majerik: Game 1Game 2

Josh Dickson v Rishi Vijayakumar: Game 1Game 2

Haoqi Liu v Ramit Kanodia: Game 1Game 2


22/03/21 – Round 4 (Penultimate round)
Rishi Vijayakumar J9 leads the way going into the last round on Monday 12th April 21, after a very one-sided battle against Hqoqi Liu J9! On the other hand, Ramit Kanodia J12 could only manage a 1-1 draw against Alexander Barron-Majerik J9 which takes everything out of his own hands and he will need help from others if he is going to get his hands on the Junior Club Championship!

Josh Dickson J10 had a nightmare of sorts against his brother Noah Dickson J8, getting caught out twice in winning positions to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (and one draw)! But credit to Noah who never gave up and took the opportunity when it fell in his lap to secure bragging right this time! Oh you have got to love a bit of sibling rivalry unless you are on the wrong end of it!

For the full report and links to games “HERE



Round 2: Mon 4th Jan 21: 6pm

Round 2 proved to be a more exciting night in more ways than one! Haoqi Liu and his mum both forgot he was playing tonight! Luckily for him and his opponent Noah, they did get started which is better for both players as playing is the only way to learn. You learn nothing from winning by default! The night also provided a “Genius” moment or two, something to behold indeed!

For the full report “HERE


ROUND 1 (2 matches)

No shock up sets as all the leading players won their matches! There were some good games and some of the newer players had chances, but in the end experience prevailed! But we have a long way to go and the top juniors will have to play each other, while the new juniors will find out who are the better players between themselves! Rishi Vijayakumar J9 is odds-on to retain the title , but you just never know.

Next round Mon 4th Jan 21 – 6pm



Entries are now being taken for the Junior Club Championship 2020-21. Remember Juniors can play in the main Club Championship event as well as the junior one, but remember you will have more matches to play!


  • Matches start at 6pm
  • You will play two matches, Black & white against same opponent (just like 4JNCL)
  • Depending on numbers, it will be a Swiss or all play all.
  • Matches will take place mostly on a Monday night, with a couple of Thursdays as well.
  • Time-Control: 15 minutes + 10 seconds
  • All matches go for allegro grading.
  • All matches take place on Lichess.
  • All match info, including draws will be on the Castlehill Website.
  • Rd 1-Mon 7th Dec; Rd 2-Mon 4th Jan 21: Rd 3-Mon 15th Feb: Rd 4-Mon 22nd Mar 21: Rd 5-Mon 19th Apr 21 (last)



Apologies but due to the Global pandemic the 2019-20 Junior Club Championship has been cancelled!

Not a lot of action so far this season but it will get intense asap! No surprise that Ramit and Rishabh are leading, but maybe we have a dark horse in Prithvi Sudarshan!

Time will tell but of course Ramit is still odds on to retain his title unless…


Congratulations to Ramit Kanodia J12 (882) on winning and defending his Castlehill Junior Club Championship 2018-19! It was well deserved and once again, Ramit proves he is the strongest junior (below 14) in the club. He did not get it all his own way as Rishabh Akula J14 (683) did beat him once and Alexander Barron-Majerik J8 (216) did have the opportunity to beat Ramit in the last match of the tournament as Ramit took his eye of the game! But sometimes you need a bit of luck as well as good play to win a title! Well played young man! Rishabh Akula finished in runner-up spot and if it was not for his one slip up against Alexander he would have tied with Ramit, but it was not to be. Next year who knows!


A big thank you to all our juniors who took part in this year Junior Club Championship. We really are a blessed club with our juniors


Thursday 15th August 2019

Congratulations to Ramit Kanodia (Defending Champion; Rishabh & Krish Akula and Alexander Barron-Majerik for reaching the final stages!

The final will be an all-play-all, playing each other twice (Black & White), 6 matches in all.  All matches will be 15 minutes each player. The player with the most points at the end will be th e 2018-19 Junior Club Champion!

Good luck to all! :)

Standings (after 0 rounds)


Match Night:


Match Night:


Match Night:


Match Night: 

Match Night:




1. Closing date for entries: ????

2. Junior is defined as 16 years and under for this competition.

3. The draw will be up on the website ASAP after draw is made.

4. This will be a 5 round Swiss using the Chess Scotland grading based Swiss pairings, or a CS/Committee approved computer –pairing software.

5. All matches will be played in Club.

6. All matches in each round will be played on a designated night (Now known as the “Junior Club Championship Night”) and start at 7:30pm

7. If a player cannot play on the “SET” night, they must inform their opponent and the competition organiser and try and find a suitable alternative date before the deadline night.

8. SCORING: Win=1 point: Draw=½ point: Loss= Zero points:

9. Time-Control: 15 minutes + 10 seconds.

10. Players on the night play their opponent twice (White & Black).

11. Any player not having played on or by the deadline, or by an agreed approved date shall be defaulted. If a player defaults for a second time, they shall be withdrawn from the competition and a report sent to the Castlehill committee for further action.

12. TIE-BREAKS: There will be no tie-breaks used in this competition.