Standings after 3 rounds.
Updated: 07/08/22

#NAMEGRADETotal PointsRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4
1Graham Mooney18669333
2Ray Noble15917331
3=Rishi Vijayakumar J1016006330
3=Kit McEvoy Gould15406303
3=Subhayu Banerjee14446303
6Robert Jackson15754301
7=Shaban Karpach14003003
7=Gordon Thomas13123030
7=Sean Lewis J1312003030
7=Norman Waugh11603030
7=Judith Firth03003
12Arthur Grant10000000


Updated: 28/06/22
Summer Online Round One – Sun 26th June 22

1Mooney, Graham (1866)gmooney1 - 0Fif7y(1400) Karpach, Shaban
2Thomas, Gordon (1312)TayViewMan0 - 1ninjagouniverse(1600) Vijayakumar, Rishi J10
3Noble, Ray (1591)Nobleray1 - 0seanlewis999(1200) Lewis, Sean J13
4Waugh, Norman (1160)nwaugh0 - 1robertjackson(1575) Jackson, Robert
5McEvoy Gould, KitGamophobe1 - 0Craigellachie(1000) Grant, Arthur
6Firth, Judith (UG)Firthcilgerran0 - 1SB25(1444) Banerjee, Subhayu


Updated: 17/07/22

Summer Online Round 2: Sun 17th July 22

1Jackson Robert 1575robertjackson30 - 13gmooneyMooney Graham 1866
2Vijayakumar Rishi 1600ninjagouniverse31 - 03GamophobeMcEvoy Gould Kit 1540
3Banerjee Subhayu 1444SB2530 - 13NoblerayNoble Ray 1591
4Karpach Shaban 1400Fif7y0D - 10nwaughWaugh Norman 1160
5Grant Arthur 1000Craigellachie00 - 10TayViewManThomas Gordon 1312
6Lewis Sean 1200seanlewis99901 - 00FirthcilgerranFirth Judith 700

Updated: 07/08/22
Castlehill Summer Online Round 3 – Sun 7th Aug 22

1Mooney Graham 1866gmooney61 - 06ninjagouniverseVijayakumar Rishi 1600
2Noble Ray 1591Nobleray6½ - ½3robertjacksonJackson Robert 1575
3McEvoy Gould Kit 1540Gamophobe31 - 03nwaughWaugh Norman 1160
4Thomas Gordon 1312TayViewMan30 - 13SB25Banerjee Subhayu 1444
5Karpach Shaban 1400Fif7y01 - 03seanlewis999Lewis Sean 1200
6Firth Judith 700Firthcilgerran01 - 00CraigellachieGrant Arthur 1000


Updated: 07/08/22
Summer Online Round Four (last) – Sun 28th Aug 22

1Noble Ray 1591Nobleray79gmooneyMooney Graham 1866
2Banerjee Subhayu 1444SB2566GamophobeMcEvoy Gould Kit 1540
3Vijayakumar Rishi 1600ninjagouniverse64robertjacksonJackson, Robert 1575
4Lewis Sean 1200seanlewis99933TayViewManThomas Gordon 1312
5Waugh Norman 1160nwaugh33FirthcilgerranFirth Judith 700
6Grant Arthur 1000Craigellachie03Fif7yKarpach Shaban 1400


  1. All games will be played on Lichess unless agreed with Competition organiser in advance to change platform.
  2. TIME-CONTROL: 45 minutes + 20 second increment
  3. First named is white and must make the challenge.
  4. All matches must be Rated; Standard;
    All players should check this is correct if not, refuse the challenge and then re-challenging with correct settings/time-control
  5. Sundays are the official match date, but players can make their own arrangements if both agree
  6. Rounds: 4 round Swiss.
    Round One: Sun 12th June 22
    Round Two: Sun 10th July 22
    Round Three: Sun 31st July 22
    Round Four: Sun 21st Aug 22
  1. A player can request a bye in only once in any of the first 4 rounds only. A bye is ½ point.
  2. All games go for Chess Scotland Allegro grading.
  3. Players should contact/email their opponent ASAP to find a suitable date to play the match. Any problems contact the competition organiser.