Club Championship 2020 – 2021 – Online


1M.Dugdale (1578)Flapajacku2V2The_556_2000_512D.Shafi (2184)
2A.Babin (1882)easilyconfused2V2NoblerayR.Noble
3D.Kosznik (1755)Papacelsus2V2bigtedC.Martin 1505
4K.McEvoy Gould (1400)estGamophobe2VgmooneyG.Mooney (1866)
5J.McCluskey (1353)jeemymcVrobertjacksonR.Jackson (1575)
6D.Miller (ug)dean292017Vchessmad501J.Anderson (1540)
7R.Flood (1475)AlfyDoors1V1DoktorAvalancheR.Kynoch (1866
8T.Harley (1333)Lyrurus1V1Miguelan10M.Alvarez (1650)est
9K.Rose (1515)KeithRose1V1manqnaO.Kolev (1450)est
10C.Kelly (1000)estbob42831V1pedrosallaiP.Sallai (1510)est
11M.Kats (1203)MartenKats1V1Euan_85E.Murray (1500)est
12E.Walton (1481)ReturnOfvoldemort1V1dantherefD.Colman (1037)
13A.Rowe (1572)it`sBobSamson½V½ninjagouniverseR.Vijayakumar J9 (1002)
14S.Banerjee (1444)SB25½V½TryptychD.Lawrie (ug)
15D.Cruickshank (1400)estTheLionRampant½V½CraigellechieA.Grant (844)
16A.Woodcock (1343)fabcab½V½FreddieM0308F.Mollison (ug)
17J.Lynch (1043)jgl1969½V½TayViewManG.Thomas (1312)
18N.Carroll (917)Tiggy110V0ppp597P.kosior (1681)
19R.Kanodia J13 (900)KANODIAR0V0nwaughN.Waugh (1160)
20Cosmo Bobak (ug)chaeronanaut½V0BlairMarshall16B.Marshell (ug)

Standings (after 2 round)
Updated: 14//01/21

#NAMEGRADETotal PointsRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5
1=Declan Shafi J202184211
1=Andre Babin1882211
1=Alastair G Dawson1800211
1=Dariusz Kosznik1755211
1=Ray Noble1591211
1=Michael Dugdale1578211
1=Martin Chalmers1505211
1=Kit McEvoy Gould211
9=Graham Mooney18661.50.51
9=Robert Jackson15751.50.51
9=Jim Anderson15401.50.51
9=Jim McCluskey14501.50.51
9=Dean Miller01.50.51
14=Richard Kynoch1867110
14=Miguel Alvarez1650110
14=Keith S Rose1515110
14=Peter Sallai1510110
14=Euan Murray1500110
14=Edward Walton1481101
14=Raymond Flood1475101
14=Ognyan Kolev1450101
14=Trevor Harley1333101
14=Marten Kats1203110
14=Daniel Coleman1037110
14=Conor Kelly1000101
26=Andrew Rowe15720.500.5
26=Subhayu Banerjee14440.500.5
26=Darren Cruickshank14000.50.50
26=Alan R Woodcock13430.50.50
26=Gordon J Thomas13120.500.5
26=John Lynch10800.50.50
26=Rishi Vijayakuma10020.50.50
26=Arthur Grant8440.500.5
26=Fred Mollison00.50.50
26=David Lawrie00.50.50
36=Pawel Kosior1681000
36=Norman Waugh1160000
36=Norrie Carroll917000
36=Ramit Kanodia882000
36=Blair Marshell0000


1Flood Ray 1475AlfyDoor0 - 1The_556_2000_512Shafi Declan 2184
2Babin Andre 1882easilyconfused1 - 0manqnaKolev Oggy 1450
3Banerjee Subhayu 1444SB250 - 1DoktorAvalancheKynoch Richard 1866
4Mooney Graham 1866gmooney½ - ½FabcabWoodcock Alan 1343
5Harley Trevor 1333Lyrurus0 - 1TerrydactilDawson Alastair 1800
6Kosznik Dariusz 1755Papacelsus1 - 0TayViewManThomas Gordon 1312
7Kats Marten 1203MartenKats1 - 0ppp597Kosior Pawel 1681
8Dugdale Michael 1578Flapajacku1 - 0nwaughWaugh Norman 1160
9Lynch John 1043jg1969½ - ½robertjacksonJackson Robert 1575
10Rowe Andy 1572itsBobSamson0 - 1dantherefColeman Daniel 1037
11Vijaykumar J9 Rishi 1002ninjagouniverse½ - ½chessmad501Anderson James 1540
12Rose Keith 1515KeithRose1 - 0Tiggy11Carroll Norrie 917
13Kanodia, Ramit 900KANODIAR0 - 1pedrosallaiSallai Peter 1510
14Chalmers Martin 1505bigted1 - 0CraigellachieGrant Arthur 844
15Kelly Conor 0bob42830 - 1euan_85Murray Euan 1500
16Walton Ed 1481ReturnOfvoldemort0 - 1GamophobeMcEvoy Gould Kit 0
17Marshell, BlairBlairMarshell160 - 1miguelan10Alvarez, Miguel
18Lawrie, David
Mollison, Fred
Miller, Dean
McCluskey, Jim
½ bye


1Shafi Declan 2184The_556_2000_51211 - 01KeithRoseRose Keith 1515
2Sallai Peter 1510pedrosallai10 - 11easilyconfusedBabin Andre 1882
3Kynoch Richard 1867DoktorAvalanche10 - 11bigtedChalmers Martin 1505
4Dawson Alastair 1800Terrydactil11 - 01MartenKatsKats Martin 1203
5Murray Euan 1500euan_8510 - 11PapacelsusKosznik Dariusz 1755
6Alvarez Miguel 1650Miguelan1010 - 11GamophobeMcEvoy Gould Kit 800
7Colman Daniel 1037dantheref10 - 11FlapajackuDugdale Michael 1578
8Vijayakumar J9 Rishi 1002ninjagouniverse½0 - 1½gmooneyMooney Graham 1866
9Jackson Robert 1575robertjackson½1 - 0½fabcabWoodcock Alan 1343
10Anderson James 1540chessmad501½1 - 0½jg1969Lynch John 1043
11Kosior Pawel 1681ppp59700 - 10bob4283Kelly Conor 1000
12Thomas Gordon 1312TayViewMan0½ - ½0itsBobSamsonRowe Andy 1572
13Waugh Norman 1160nwaugh00 - 10ReturnOfvoldemortWalton Ed 1481
14Carroll Norrie 917Tiggy1100 - 10AlfyDoorsFlood Ray 1475
15Kolev Ognyan 1450manqna01 - 00KANODIAKanodia J13 Ramit 900
16Grant Arthur 844Craigellechie0½ - ½0SB25Banerjee Subhayu 1444
17Marshell Blair 200BlairMarshell1600 - 10LyrurusHarley Trevor 1333
18Lawrie, David (ug)Tryptych½0 - 1½dean292017Miller, Dean (ug)
19Fred Mollison (ug)FreddieM0308½0 - 1½jeemymcMcCluskey, Jim (1450)e
20Ray Noble (1591)Nobleray11 -0½TheLionRampantDarren Cruickshank




  1. The round draws will be displayed on the web site by the first club night following the closing date.
  2. The closing date for entries shall be the Sun 1st Nov No entries will be taken after the second round draw has been made.
  3. The Championship will be a 5 round Swiss event using the CHESS SCOTLAND grading based Swiss pairings, or a CS/Committee approved computer-pairing software.
  4. ALL matches in each round will be played on the one night (Now known as “CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT”).
  5. When draw is made please contact your opponent ASAP to confirm you can play on the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT.
  6. If a player cannot play on the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT, they must inform their opponent and the competition organiser of this and try and find a suitable alternative date before this deadline night.
  7. The scoring shall be; Win=1 point: Draw=½ point; Loss=0 points. All games will be sent for “ALLEGRO” grading.
  8. Any player may request a ½ point bye in the first 4 rounds.
  9. Time-control “One time control of 60 minutes + 30 seconds increments each player. no minimum number of required moves and no quick-Play finish.
  10. Any player not having played on or by the dead-line shall be defaulted. If a player then defaults for a second time they shall be withdrawn and a report will be sent to the committee for further action (see General rules 18&19).
  11. TIE-BREAKS– No tie-breaks in Club Championship.
  12. Players can only win one trophy, and will be awarded the most prestigious title. (you can not be Club Champion & under 1600 winner, etc)
  13. The competition organiser and/or committee may make amendments deemed appropriate to ensure the smooth running of the tournament

14.1: All match nights are on a Monday.
14.2: All matches are played online at
14.3: The player with white is responsible for making the challenge and setting the time controls.
14.4: If a match is started with the wrong time-control and is noticed within 5 moves, or 5 minutes, which ever comes first, the match should be aborted (or agree a draw if not possible to abort) and the match re-started with the right time control. If error not noticed until later, the time-control will stand and the match will continue as normal.
14.5: If the match is started with the wrong colours and is noticed within 5 moves, or 5 minutes, which ever comes first, the match should be aborted (or agree a draw if not possible to abort) and the match re-started with the right colours set. If error not noticed until later, the colours will stand and the match will continue as normal.
14.6: TAKE BACK REQUESTS  Take back requests are not allowed in Castlehill internal competitions, even when involving a mistake (mouse slip etc.).

15 ONLINE FAIR PLAY REGULATIONS (Anti-Cheating checking)

15.1: It is illegal to use computer software of any kind, books, or help from another player or source, or indeed any outside help of any kind when playing in a Castlehill Internal competition. Any player deemed to have transgressed will be brought before the committee with the possibility of a ban being imposed.
15.2: Castlehill will be using several methods to make sure we all play in a fair environment.

a) To keep the Integrity of the tournament, we do not allow players to continue to participate in the tournament if their lichess account is flagged as ‘This account violated the Lichess Terms of Service. (Castlehill have no control over lichess)

b) Castlehill will screen all matches played as part of it’s anti-Cheating policy.

c)  All games played in Castlehill will also be sent to Chess Scotland for screening through there anti-Cheating software’. It will check if any player receives an exceptionally high ROI reading from Professor Ken Regan’s FIDE Screening Tool.

d) A report to the Scottish Anti-Cheating Committee will be sent if any exceptionally high ROI readings from Professor Ken Regan’s FIDE Screening Tool are identified. They will determine if further action is required.

e) Real names and Lichess handles will be displayed in the entries list and any external software we use.