Konrad Wierzbicki Memorial Allegro

The 35th Konrad Wierzbicki Memorial Allegro Thursday 5th Oct  7:30pm sign-in 5 round Swiss: 15 minutes each player. Matches go for Allegro grading.

The 35th Konrad Wierszbicki Memorial 2017
Thursday 5th October 2017: Report

The 35th Konrad Wierszbicki Memorial 2017  had 23 entries, with a high junior content and a new traveling chess player to boot! Yes Alan Harvey a lorry driver from England found our club on the website and as he was in Dundee paid us a visit. Alan does this all the time while working away and it was a pleasure having him here as his grade is ECF 187? That once converted must be over 2000+. In his home club he plays on board 3 in the league, with a GM on top board!

He did not disappoint as he finished joint 1st place with Declan Shafi in the Konrad Wierszbicki Memorial, drawing his match with Declan in round 4. The Konrad is a 5 round swiss, 15 minutes each player, with all matches going for allegro grading.

Some of the juniors were playing their first ever competitive chess match and boy were they enjoying themselves. Not only that, they held their own in a very strong field indeed. Rishabh was especially happy to have beaten Ramit, who has a bit more experience than him in competitive matches.

RESULTS (allegro grades)
1st=: Declan Shafi J17 (1840) & Alan Harvey (ECF 187) 4½/5
R/Up: Alastair Dawson (1728) & Ray Flood (1377) 4/5

Congratulations to Declan & Alan (Declan is the sole winner as Alan is not a member of our club (yet!). Also will done Alastair & Ray Flood. Ray played well above his allegro grading of 1377!

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, even the (ill) stressed out looking competition organiser, Ray Noble who was doing the draw by hand for a change!

A big thank you to all players who supported this event and made it a success on the night again!


Thursday 29th September: Report

A fantastic 20 players entered for this year’s competition. Even more encouraging is the fact we had 9 juniors and one new uni student in the entries! Due to this it was a bit hectic organising wise for the first round, but none the less we made it over the obstacles put before us!

The place was buzzing and the competition at the top was tough. It was not so easy for the juniors playing against other juniors as well!

Congratulations go the our smiling assassin, Declan Shafi who yet again decimates the field with a perfect 5 out of 5 wins to take the title of Konrad Wierszbicki Allegro Champion 2016! While this was no surprise, it was none the less a very good performance from Declan. He had to over come a couple of tricky matches, but did what he always does now…WIN!

But every tournament needs surprises and we got them in the form of two players who finished equal runners-up. Colin Young showed he is no slouch at the quick-play format winning against far stronger opposition, while new kid Wei Bin Chan produced the big surprise of the night taking out everyone but the king. Indeed Wei and Colin only lost to one person and that was the Konrad Champion!

A big thank you to all players for supporting this event. Also a big thank you to all the new juniors who took part with such enthusiasm, it bowled you over! The younger juniors had to leave with two rounds to go as bed time called!

Match results and standing on our website



15 players down on the night for the 33rd Konrad Wierszbicki Memorial Allegro at our new venue the Chaplaincy, University of Dundee, Cross Row, Dundee.

Not bad, but could have been better but properly a good number to try out our new venue! We did not get access until 8pm which meant we had to reduce the time limit to 10 minutes each player. This was only for tonight as we don’t officially move in until next Thursday! A few teething issues regards lighting and tables but nothing that cannot be resolved. Indeed that is what this first night was meant to throw up any issues before we play TAFCA league matches here!

The first round was a black affair with 5 of the 7 matches going black’s way with only the number one seed Calum MacQueen and Fergus Milne resisting the odds! All results in the first round went to grade so nothing to report!

Round Two
Again no major upsets but some close games none the less! The match of the round was Keith Rose’s win against time king champion Fergus Milne, outstanding nerves by Keith to take the match!

Round Three
Some interesting battles on with Top seed Calum MacQueen going head to head with Keith Rose both on full points so far. Andy Rowe also on full points takes on Time King Fergus Milne, while old hand Craig Nicol takes on new boy Pawel Kosior!

First to finish this round was Robbie McLeod v Arthur Grant. For the first time Arthur beats Robbie but it does not go for grading! Oh dear! Agnijo Banerjee beats Daniel Coleman in the battle of the juniors!

Calum maintains his 100% record overcoming the tricky obstacle of Keith Rose! The new gun Pawel shot down the old hand Nicol to move to 2 points. With Andy Rowe & Fergus Milne drawing, Calum holds the outright lead going into the 4th round!

Round four
Some interesting matches on with Andy (no risk) Rowe against top seed Calum (I’ve seen it all) MacQueen! Sibling rivals Lisa Paton and Robbie McLeod and New gun Pawel versus young gun Agnijo Banerjee!

Well Lisa was winning big time, but Robbie got the first checkmate in so that kind of ends matters! Subhayu shows he’s no slouch taking out Keith Rose! Claum MacQueen maintains his perfect record overcoming the not so easy to beat Andy Rowe! Colin Young sacks the Coleman, Daniel Coleman to be precise! The frantic battle of the round was between Pawel and Agnijo who both were short of time and hands were flying over the chess board and clocks faster than the speed of sound! Boom, boom and Pawels clock fell first! Phew it was nerve racking to watch never mind play!

Round Five (last)
Now we have reached the 5th round and the players have started their matches one thing springs to mind? Fergus Milne came into the chess club sat down to play his first round match and never moved from that table at all! In chess, movement with out effort is a great skill and Fergus is obviously a great player! Table one has now official been named The Fergus Milne table of dreams! The last round also sees Teacher (Calum) v pupil (Agnijo)! Should be a good one!

Lisa took nothing for granted as she gets revenge for Robbie’s by defeating Arthur! Royal Navy veteran Graham gets torpedoed by the Sub, i.e. Subhayu! The teacher (Calum) hands out a lesson to his pupil (Agnijo) and in the process is crowned the 33rd Konrad Wierszbicki memorial Allegro Champion 2015.

As usual this was a fun but serious tournament and was a good tester for how things would work chess wise in our new venue! There were some teething problems as you would expect but because we tested it under competition rules on our first night, it will go along way to making TAFCA league matches a walk in the Park

Congratulations to Calum MacQueen on winning the Konrad Wierszbicki Memorial Allegro 2015! It was a deserved victory by the strongest player in the tournament by a country mile. We also thank him for taking part as a lot of players above a certain grade do not always partake! Subhayu Banerjee surprised everyone including himself on finishing as runner-up on the night! He finished very strongly and totally deserved to finish as runner-up and above his son Agnijo!

Thank you everyone who supported this event and I hope you all had a good time and enjoyed our new venue!

Please let us know what you thought of the new venue and how we can improve on our first night! That’s the first Castlehill trophy of the season decided. Roll on the next!

Allegro Grade
1Declan Shafi J1718404.5Champion
2Alan Harvey20004.5Champion
3Alastair Dawson17284R/Up
4Ray Flood13774R/Up
5Ognyan Kolev15933.5
6Roy Morris15313
7Ben Volland J1415203
8Robert Jackson14003
9Dean Millerug3
10Paul Shafi14902.5
11Ettore Rota12002
12Innes Fordug2
13Luke Volland J12ug2
14Colin Young13961
15Rishabh Akula J12ug1
16Anish Chaudhuri J11ug1
17Ramit Kanodia J107250
18Krish Akula J10ug0
19Jake Proctor J12ug0
20Arya Sanu J9ug0
21Ananya Sanu J11ug0
22Haoqi Zhang J6ug0
23Ansh Pavan J7ug0
1Declan Shafi J171 - 0Ettore Rota
2Dean Miller0 - 1Alan Harvey
3Alastair Dawson1 - 0Ramit Kanodia J10
4Rishabh Akula J120 - 1Ben Volland J14
5Roy Morris1 - 0Anish Chaudhuri J11
6Krish Akula J100 - 1Paul Shafi
7Robert Jackson1 - 0Jake Proctor J12
8Arya Sanu J90 - 1Colin Young
9Ray Flood1 - 0Ananya Sanu J11
10Ansh Pavan J70 - 1Innes Ford
11Luke Volland J121 - 0Haoai Zhang J6
12Ognyan Kolev1 - 0walkover
1Colin Young0 - 1Declan Shafi J17
2Alan Harvey1 - 0Robert Jackson
3Innes Ford0 - 1Alastair Dawson
4Paul ShafidrawOgnyan Kolev
5Ben Volland J141 - 0Ray Flood
6Luke Volland J120 - 1Roy Morris
7Ettore Rota1 - 0Krish Akula J10
8Jake Proctor J120 - 1Dean Miller
9Ramit Kanodia J100 - 1Rishabh Akula J12
10Anish Chaudhuri J11bye
1Declan Shafi J171 - 0Ben Volland J14
2Ognyan Kolev0 - 1Alan Harvey
3Alastair Dawson1 - 0Paul Shafi
4Roy Morris0 - 1Ray Flood
5Robert Jackson1 - 0Ramit Kanodia J10
6Dean Miller1 - 0Colin Young
7Rishabh Akula J120 - 1Ettore Rota
8Krish Akula J100 - 1Innes Ford
1Alan HarveydrawDeclan Shafi J17
2Ben Volland J140 - 1Alastair Dawson
3Innes Ford0 - 1Roy Morris
4Ettore Rota0 - 1Robert Jackson
5Ognyan Kolev1 - 0Dean Miller
6Ray Flood1 - 0Luke Volland J12
7Paul Shafi1 - 0Colin Young
8All very young junior away home now!
1Alastair Dawson0 - 1Declan Shafi J17
2Roy Morris0 - 1Alan Harvey
3Robert Jackson0 - 1Ray Flood
4Ben Volland J141 - 0Paul Shafi
5Innes Ford0 - 1Ognyan Kolev
6Dean Miller1 - 0Luke Volland J12
7Colin Youngbye